Thursday, May 10, 2018

It feels so odd typing a post here.I almost feel like I'm doing something wrong.
I also realize I've missed being here.So many things happened and I just decided to take a little break from making blog posts particularly for the blog.However I shared posts from my Youtube channel here.
I think I'm ready to be back fully if you guys will take me back :-)

Let's get into this look.

For the first time I tried on my husband's!It funny because none of his things fit me-well except his slippers(we were about the same size).I just thought t-shirts should fit because they are stretchy right?

It did and I love this one because it's black and it!

For this look I wanted to give the false lashes a stage of their own so I didn't do much with my eyes and lips.Just great skin work,glow here and there and I was good.

Lashes are from my Instagram store.Click HERE to view items and place an order ;-)

Ok lovely people!
I'll catch you in the next post even though I'm still trying to refigure this whole thing out.

Stay beautiful ❤️

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