Thursday, May 10, 2018

I know the feeling of starting your day with maybe the sound of little voices in your ears or wailing and screaming in the next room.We know that feeling right?
Sometimes we probably went to bed really late and are the first to get up to get things done so that everybody survives through the day and in most cases we are a wreck at the end of the day.
I'm going to point out 5 amazing makeup tips to get you through the day slaying like you just walked off a photoshoot set (maybe not all that) πŸ˜‚

1.First tip will be to invest in a good moisturizer.For mothers probably one with lifting,anti-aging and firming properties to help with those tired lines,eye bags or saggy looking skin as a result of fatigue or just full on talking all day long to little humans.
These don't come cheap but they are surely worth it.

2. You have to get your brows right,If you are not good with the whole filling in and cleaning up with a concealer or even using a brow pomade get yourself a brow tint gel.With this you just have to make sure your brows are shaped right,pop them on and peel off after some minutes or according to the instructions on the pack.
 Your brows are darker and more defined this way so you don't need to worry about filling them in especially if you can't.
Depending on the brand some stay up to 3 days,some longer.

3.You should invest in a good creme to powder foundation.
With creme to powder foundations they come in a compact form and are creamy but then dry to a powder finish after application.
This is the easiest thing for mothers in a hurry because you don't have to worry about setting foundation.You're getting a two in one deal.

4.Get yourself a bomb ass mascara.
There are a lot of brands that are very affordable that will give you great volume/lengthening or even both and you don't need to break the bank for that.
This is so important because your lashes lift your eyes and make you look more alive and awake especially since you may not be wearing any eye shadow.

5.Lastly,pop on some gloss with colour in them if you don't want to waste time blending anything matte.
This is the easiest way to look like you are wearing a lipstick with a gloss on top of it.
There are all sorts of colours ranging from pinks to reds to purples to golds to iridescent ones.
Choose your style!

I hope this is helpful and this gets you looking amazing even if you have to run out with a bib on your head,baby spittle on your blouse and baby in hand.

Stay beautiful ❤️

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