Blogging in Nigeria: Most Effective Ways To Improve Your Blog Traffic

Friday, November 24, 2017

The table has turned, individuals and companies in the country now turn to bloggers to help promote their services. Blogging in Nigeria is now becoming something that everyone need; either to promote their business or to engage their audience. Is this true? Well...... to the best of my knowledge, it is true. Anyway, whatever the reason may be, the fact still remain that blogging is one of the most important marketing strategy that businesses are using to engage their audience and prospects.

The one hundred million Naira question that most bloggers in Nigeria will like to have an answer to is on the question of "Blogging Traffic"; that is to say, how can blog owners increase the traffic to their website. In fact, getting traffic on a blog is key and very important. On this particular blog post, we will be going through 4 possible ways that bloggers can increase their blog traffic.

How To Turn Your Blogging in Nigeria From Zero To Hero

Although, research have shown that their are a number of ways to drive traffic to a website; but at the same time, this same research make us realize that their are ONLY 4 effective ways to do this.

To be sincere with you, I started blogging in Nigeria some six years ago. The first four and half years was so difficult for me because I do not have the necessary traffic for my blog. Not only that, but also could not general any form of revenue for myself. Things have changed today because I have found the secret to blogging in Nigeria.

Although, you may be facing similar issue that I experienced in the past; I will advice you to take it as a learning curve. What I am sharing with you today is what have change my blogging experience; it has helped me to increase traffic to my blog and at the same time, made me few extra money.

What is this secret? This is what I am about to share with you on this post. So, sit back and read what will turn your blogging experience to heroic one.

Hey, what a minute, let me even ask you a question; Why did you start blogging?

In reality, most of us started blogging because of either (a) it is our passion or (b) to make money. Let us quickly run through two reason why people blog.

Reasons why people blog

Regardless of how and when you started blogging, you will find this piece of information in this article very useful. Either you are new to blogging or an experience blogger, you certainly will learn one or two things from this.

Blogging is my passion:

From time to time, I hear many of my friends in the Nigeria blogging industry telling me that they started blogging because of the passion for it. This may be true, but the end product of it all is to make money. In other to make money blogging, you need traffic on the blog. Also, getting traffic to your blog day-in-day-out will bring out the realization for your blogging passion.

For this reason, I will show you the best possible ways of getting traffic to you blog.

Making Money online drove me to blogging:

Real deal!

That is it; the most important reason why many people blog. They blog for the money they will make through their blogging platform.

In fact, Nigeria bloggers contribute to the number of blogs published each day on the internet.

Now, let us go on to discuss the most effective ways of driving traffic to your blog.

Bloggers in Nigeria can drive traffic to their blog

Below we will be going through the 4 most effective ways of driving traffic to a blog.
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  2. Social Media Marketing;
  3. Affiliate Marketing; and
  4. Email Marketing:
Using the mentioned above, bloggers blogging in Nigeria will see tones of traffic on their site.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Research has shown that the most effective way any website will get FREE organic traffic is through the optimization of that website. In addition, SEO will as a whole produce the highest Return On Investment (ROI) when it comes to Online Marketing.

Today, the number one question most bloggers in Nigeria ask is "How to drive Traffic To My Website". If you are one of them still wondering the very best way to drive traffic to your site, you need to take action NOW. You action should be directed toward improving your site optimization. By doing this, you are given your blog an advantage over your competitors.

With SEO, you will be dominating you niche; by doing so, your writings will have a commanding voice in that niche. For example, one of Nigerian bloggers with years of experience in the industry made mention of the below -

"Discover your niche:You need to ask yourself what the one area you can write about, discuss, take photos of without getting bored or even without being paid is. If there's one thing that keeps you blogging it's the passion and flair for whatever it is you are posting. If you do not enjoy being in that world you're creating you will easily fall out or just force content when you feel like you must go on and trust me your readers will sense it. Create a platform for yourself where you have a reasonable amount of knowledge in and then you can grow along the way."
Citation from - 5 things blogging has taught me!

In order to dominate your niche, you need good optimization for your blog. If you can not do this by yourself, you can seek the services of any of the Nigeria SEO companies.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Equally important to our topic of "Blogging in Nigeria" is how you can use social media platforms to drive traffic to your website. Now that many of the things we all do on a daily revolve around social media, it will be good for Nigeria bloggers to know the impact of Social Media Platforms in driving traffic to their blog.

Statistic as shown that over 3.5 billion users are on Facebook and Youtube (see figures below); then, why will you not leverage on the traffic.
Blogging in Nigeria, Getting Traffic To your blog, Search Engine Optimization Although, using paid adverts on these platforms will be more effective for you to getting traffic to your blog; but, starting with the utilization of the free posting will also yield good results.

Techniques used in getting traffic from Social Media

For the purpose of this article, I will just mention briefly the techniques you can use to increase your blogging in Nigeria. and these are:
  1. Posting regularly on your page: By doing these, you are creating your brand awareness. These brand awareness is one of the most important factors that lead to people reading your posts and blog.
  2. Leverage on social media groups: There are more than 1,000,000 groups on different social media platforms that you can showcase you blogging to. Why not take advantage of that ready made platform to increase your blog traffic.
  3. Engage your audience: When you post on social media, your audiences are likely to comment on your post. If they do, use that opportunity to engage them; this is a way of creating relationship that will encourage them to always want to read your blogs.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Using affiliates program to drive traffic to a website is another effective way of improving your blog popularity. In order for you to effectively use this particular method. you will do either of the following:
  1. Be an affiliate to other site; or
  2. Have your own affiliate program.
Be an affiliate to other site:

In order to use this model, you will have to be a good online marketer. As an online marketer, you will make use of the method that will talking about in point number 4 below.

Have your own affiliate program:

You can have other website or blog owners send traffic to your blog when you have a well structured affiliate program of your own. What do I mean?

With a well structured and attractive affiliate program, you will make your program irresistible to others. You must have good products to attract bloggers; and at the same time, you must live up to expectation.

Inasmuch as you have a good affiliate platform; you will have other site owners to market your blog site for you.

4. Email Marketing:

Another good but under utilized ways of driving traffic to a blog that most bloggers in Nigeria fail to take advantage of is email marketing. Why?

Most of them do not know the impact it will positively have on their blog. Sending emails to your audience occasionally is a good way of building a strong relationship with your audience. In fact, it gives them a sense of recognition and most of them like it.

In addition, email is an effective communication tool; remember, it enable you to reach a number of large audience at once.

As the sender, you can type a message once and send it to hundreds (or even thousands) of people at once. To effectively use email marketing to improve your blog traffic, you will need to have your own domain. What I meant by this is that you will need to have a hosting account with a good hosting company. One good advantage of sending out emails with your domain name is that it makes you look more professional. In other words, try not use the like of gmail, yahoo or hotmail email accounts for email campaign.

In Conclusion
As earlier mentioned, I have been blogging for some time now and have discovered what I believe to be the most effective ways that bloggers blogging in Nigeria can use to drive traffic to their blogs. If you can combine the four methods mentioned above, be rest assured that your blog traffic will increase drastically.

If you have benefited from reading this article, we will appreciate you sharing it with people in your social circle. We wish you good luck in your journey as a Nigerian Blogger.

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