Wednesday, June 28, 2017

 My people,my people,how are you?How has life been treating you?
This post should have come a long time ago but anyway it is here now.So I'm not one to sit an watch an online interview for up to 30 minutes.Like that's too much of my time because I hardly even have sit down time and when I do I'd rather catch up on series/movies.
 However I was drawn to a short clip of Kemi Adetiba's King Woman interview where she had the amazing Mrs Jumoke Adenowo and I had to find the full video.

This woman vomits knowledge,she spits out wisdom.Every line is powerful and insightful plus it was capped with the right amount of humor.
Have you ever read a book or watched something and felt like you just ate-you're so full of it that you just want to sit and let it sink in so nothing flies!!That's how I felt honestly.

I'm going to share the points I picked out from that interview that I feel every one especially women should know.


  • Do not let your husband become your center of gravity,once you do that you are cut,nullified.You must have a purpose in your life that is beyond your husband.
  • Marriage is good but you have to do it right.It can make you or break you.
  • You need to marry a man that will help you deliver what you're carrying.You need space to deliver it while still being a wife and a mother.
  • Submission is about having power and deliberately dropping it.
  • As a woman do not throw your entire power around,give them something to wonder about.
  • To be submissive first be powerful.
  • Being a mother is a divine blessing where you give without expecting and where another human's life is dependent on you.
  • Your husband cannot be everything to you.Your neediness will kill him.
  • If a man is the ultimate price,every other woman is a contender instead of an ally and we will continue to be like a bucket of crabs pulling each other down and never moving forward.
  • Girls and boys don't get married,men and women do.You have to be intuitive enough.
  • Ask yourself if you are an accessory or an indelible part to that man.A man needs not just a body but a mind and soul.He can get a body elsewhere.
  • Only as an entrepreneur does your remuneration respond to your input.
  • Entrepreneurship is owning your success and your failures.
  • Be careful who you confide in because of tomorrow's quarrel.
  • If your life is static you will not be productive.Take decisions for your bright future not your present.
  • Bright people learn from other peoples experiences,they don't wait to experience it themselves.
  • Do not sell yourself for something that will invariably be yours.
  • You are like a book in a table of contents.Don't behave as if you are in conclusion.
  • Optimize all the streams of potential that run through your life.
  • Growth is natural unless there is an obstacle.
These are just a few from the lot she had to say that I picked out.There's so much more she said concerning each of these points I listed so watch to get the full gist.

You can watch the interview HERE

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"

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  1. She made so much sense in the interview - Something for everyone no matter the stage of your life.

  2. God bless Kemi for taking up the challenge to do this. A lot of lives have been touched.

  3. King Women is such an amazing series. WOW! Lovely lessons here

  4. I love how you broke down her interview. I watched it too, and you captured all the necessary highlights

  5. You really carried pen and paper. WoW!!! LOL!!!!!
    I also enjoyed the interview, infact I watched it twice. Got my mum and sisters to watch too.

  6. Wow! This stirred up my spirit so much. Thanks for breaking it down like this. I watched the interview and learned so much. I'll definitely go back and watch again.


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