Maternity Style:Casual in Jeans + Nude Glam Makeup

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Let me start with did you miss me?
I missed you o.I think I've been posting more videos than I have been doing normal blog posts.Who would have thunk doing videos would feel easier for me than typing??lol!!
So these photos were taken some weeks ago when the kids and I went to say hi to my mum and it was on this same day Grace and I filmed the Mother-Daughter tag right before we left home.You can watch it HERE

My immediate younger sister took these photos of me because well you can say she's obsessed with me and my pregnant!Hopefully she sees this.

It's a good thing we can get up,get dressed,wear makeup and not an ounce of how we feel or what we are struggling with  is seen in the way we look.

Alrighty!!Let me go and find a place to rest and put my feet up!

To all expectant mummies,I wish you a smooth and safe delivery.
We will carry our children alive in our arms hale and hearty and their cries will bring us joy undescribable.


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  1. Amen!!! Looking good mama! Hubby is back tomorrow which means more photos for me :p

  2. Amen! Congrats darling. Baby dust everywhere.


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