Tuesday, March 21, 2017

 My rainbow baby turned one on the 18th of March.First off I never remember birthdays in March and a few other months.Now it's one of those months where I try not to forget a birthday.
The week was crazy busy and just hectic.Her birthday went great.It was tiring for me,she was cranky when she saw the crowd and she refused to stand with her cake inside the house and outside with the other children.

I asked someone to make us puff-puff because children love puff-puff.

 The fried rice was delish plus I learnt from the caterer that people now use hot dog instead of liver to make fried rice.Never heard it before.
Something annoying happened.When we had served all the kids and the few adults that wanted fried rice we realized we forgot the coleslaw in the fridge.Can you imagine?
At that point the fried rice was almost finished so some people had coleslaw alone and we had so much left.
We also had egusi soup and fufu served for those people that just prefer to swallow.lol!I couldn't even get a taste of that because of how busy I was and it pained me because I'm just tired of eating my own egusi soup.

big sister

My friend Ada & I.

 I've known Ada since first year in uni-2007 and even though we stay months sometimes without being in touch she's that kind of friend I still feel connected to no matter how long or how far apart we are.
She was so helpful and just very supportive.If you're reading this Ada I love you even if I don't say it at all ;-)

The one time we had her smile and her cake in the same picture :-)

 You know how sometimes we do baby matchmaking to our babies.lol!Meet Ella's mother-in-law.lol!
She has been an amazing mother-in-law so far.We had our babies in the same hospital.Her son David came a month before Ella even though it was supposed to be the other way round.Always giving us the nicest gifts,the prettiest clothes and even when we say we owe them she tells us it's the 'mans' duty to buy.lol!!I'll show you my son-in-law later on.

You see the struggle to get her to take a picture with everybody.It's like that most of the time anyway so I wasn't surprised.

That's my son-in-law in front with the grey t-shirt and with a side part in his hair.See how handsome he is.Chai!!!hehe.That's his older brother behind him in a green and white striped t-shirt.

Thanks to everyone that came,left us messages and beautiful wishes on Instagram,Facebook etc
God bless you all!!

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  1. Awwwww can't believe she's a year old already! Oh n her proposed hubby is cute tho! lol!

    1. Time looks like it went by fast.It dragged a bit for me though somehow.lol!
      About her bae,we have good eyes.hehe!!

  2. Awww...Happy birthday to Ella. Inlaw on point. Ella still tried ooo. My daughter would have destroyed that crown in 15mins but i see Ella rocking hers. Welldone and thank you to amazing friends like Ada.


    1. lol!My sister it was war putting it on at first but later she magically adapted.
      Thanks a lot.

  3. Happy Birthday Pretty Ella. biko I can when she was first featured on the blog as an infant. But look how grown she is now, so happy for you Chi. Btwn thanks for telling me that people now use hot dog to cook fried rice instead of liver, you have really served me from liver-hunting. Thankyou and happy birthday to Ella once again.

    1. Thanks Dominika for the birthday wishes.I still prefer liver anyway but try it first and then choose.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Ella baby! Getting them to smile for the camera at this stage could be so frustrating. She's such a cutie. I totally understand getting tired of eating your own food. Sometimes I just want to eat from someone else's pot. Lol
    Your makeup is so pretty! Kudos to your friend, Ada.


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