Friday, February 24, 2017

Hey Lovelies.Let's get into this eye catching,mouth watering,heart leaping delicacy I served my people yesterday.
Since schools are on midterm break I decided to make this so we could eat together and everybody enjoyed it.


Eggs(6 big eggs)
Sausages(10 small sized ones)
Plantain(6 medium sized ones)
Tomatoes and Pepper
Green pepper
Spring onions
Maggi Cubes
Spice Deluxe all seasoning spice
Cameroon pepper

So while I'm frying my plantains which I salted by the way I start chopping,dicing and preparing every thing I will use in the course of this meal.

Chop all the choppables and dice all the diceables.
Maggi,ground cameroon pepper,salt

Once the plantain is done frying I beat my eggs with maggi,salt and pepper.I wanted to use paprika for this meal but I couldn't find it in the store.

I heat up vegetable oil and then fried my roughly chopped onions because I can hardly ever get onions to look uniformly diced or!

Next went in tomatoes and pepper which I left to fry for a bit on low heat so I could get rid of any sour taste.
Once it had fried to my satisfaction I poured in my green pepper and spring onions and stirred.

I put a little of this complete seasoning because it has ginger,garlic and some other spices here and there that I didn't use.

The chopped sausages went into the mix.I couldn't get the regular brand I buy and these were a little too soft for my liking.

Throw in your plantains immediately.No need leaving either the plantains or sausages to cook because all that cooking will come later trust me!
You want to stir so you get everything spread out especially because after this step you will never be able to stir again.hehe!

Finally the beaten eggs go in and you just leave to cook.

PS:Turn your heat down to the lowest it can go.That's what I did anyway.

It's going to gradually rise and cake up.I left it on the fire for about 20 minutes.

This was just before I took it off the fire.


I put a knife through it and cut it in triangles.I would say this is pizza's distant cousin or what do you think?

At this point just enjoy your life and remember me in ya prayers!!!;-)

"Without a plan it's just a wish"

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  1. I am so trying this... Super creative. I bet it tasted good..

  2. This looks delicious! Lol at you can never get the onions uniformly chopped. Mine is I can't get my hands to move fast when chopping an onion like all those TV chefs. I'm improving though.
    I've been seeing a lot of plantain frittata lately. It is definitely calling my name. I'm going to make some one of these days.

    1. Lol!I just watched you try to do that in your bloopers video.I used to try years ago but I gave up.

  3. This looks amazing, I’m so keen to try I. Who doesn’t love plantain

    Do hygiene right

  4. This looks so yummy. I might just try it out.x

    1. Ha!you should definitely.It's very filing too.

  5. lols at plantain distant cousin... would try it out

  6. Waowu! This looks great and easy to make. Very detailed steps. Biko, that sausage ehn, is it hotdog ni?


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