Saturday, February 04, 2017

Let's talk about those golden-ish shimmery things many people run away from especially makeup beginners.I have had people I've taught ask me if  that "shine-shine something "is necessary for them to buy.
In my opinion you CAN have too many highlighters.These are mine even though I just realized I missed my Sleek liquid illuminator out but they are just enough for me.If I want to switch it up I mix more than one.If I want to intensify it I'll spray my brush with water or a setting spray.

The one thing I think a lot of people especially newbies fear about highlighters is the case where they look like a disco ball.There's a lot of overdone instagram makeup where people literally bathe in highlighters plus memes that say 'a girl can never use too much highlighter' and so on with a picture of them rolling their!Tell me you've seen them.

If it's done subtly,if the right shade is chosen and if it's placed on the right spots it can turn your makeup game around -a complete 360°


It needs to be taken into consideration that highlighters are not a "one-size fits all".

  • People with pale to light skin tones should go for highlighters with a pearlescent,icy-silver or champagne sheen. Anything darker won't look like a glow anymore.

  • People with medium to olive skin tones should use highlighters with a peach or gold undertone.

  • For the dark skinned beauties a wide range of gold and bronzy hues work amazing.However steer clear of frosty type ones/opalescent ones.They can make you look messy instead of 'glowing from within'

In my years of loving and wearing makeup I have seen a couple of people use shades not exactly recommended for their skin tone and they wear it well.You must however have reached a certain skill level and confidence level to pull it off.


 *For the lip part it doesn't exactly make your lips look bigger,it just makes it more defined like it does for the other parts.

Missy Lynn X Bh cosmetics collaboration palette

Milani baked highlighter in Glow

Hard Candy So baked highlighter in Heat Wave
 I hope this has helped conquer your fear to glow :-)

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"-Coco Chanel

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