Saturday, February 04, 2017


How is your Saturday going?What did you have for breakfast?
We had yam and garden egg sauce and it was oh so delicious!!!


  • Garden eggs-N200 worth
  • Roughly blended tomatoes,onions and pepper
  • Chopped onions(1 bulb)
  • Green pepper 
  • Spring onions
  • Crayfish
  • Knorr cubes
  • Salt
  • Ground Cameroon pepper
  • Palm oil
  • Titus fish(1)

Here I had boiled my titus fish and was ready to debone it.I couldn't get smoked fish so I used titus instead.


I was about to boil the garden eggs.They were on the fire for about 10-15 minutes.

Once the garden egg skins started looking a bit wrinkly I took them off the fire and chopped then to prepare for blending.
Some people take off the skin but that's just too much work for me plus I have no problem seeing the skin here and there in my meal.

Here I had blended them roughly and I was satisfied with the texture.You can make it smoother or otherwise.Some people pound with a mortar and pestle,some use a fork,some people just chop with a knife.

 I heat up my oil till it's transparent and then I fry my onions.

Next goes my spring onions and green pepper.

At this point I put in the blended tomatoes and pepper,salt,knorr cubes and pepper and then leave to fry on low heat.

When the oil rises to the top the mashed,deboned fish goes in.

 Not long after the blended garden egg goes in and in about 2-3 minutes I took it off the fire.#Easy

 We had it with boiled yam and this served 5 adults and a child.
I'm sure this will go well with rice or potatoes.

"Laughter is brighter where food is best"

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  1. I love garden egg sauce with boiled plantain. One of my favorite food.

  2. Yum!Yum! Mama, you make me salivate!


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