Friday, January 27, 2017

  I'm on my computer at 12:15 am watching Revenge body with Khloe Kardashian,eating white sliced bread drenched in mayonnaise and washing it down with a pack of my children's happy hour juice wishing I could get my revenge body.Revenge against who?myself!!That body I once had before I started having children and never appreciated,practically detested and now I would give anything to have it back while taking my time that is.Who is complaining?Nobody but ME!

Two babies down and an ectopic experience(surgery,the feeling and symptoms of being pregnant,post-op bloating) has brought me very far from where I was but I'm not one to jump into anything until I'm fully ready.Good?,bad? I don't know.I just feel better that way.

Let's talk about Ella.This took the little frown off my face.A lot has changed since I talked about her last here

She has become a walker and a partial runner.Now I practically bump into her most of the time and she knocks/bangs on the door of any room I go into.There are also times she side eyes me when she's holding my phone or the TV remote and then she takes off.I have to do a mini chase.It's tiring I won't lie but it's exciting to see someone so small walk.lol!

 I experienced same with Grace but I've gotten to realize that with each child it's a whole new experience.
We also have 2 lower incisors popping up and one upper one cutting through.
We're gearing up for our first birthday and with those teeth we will tear pieces of meat and chicken apart.

I've been living an unhealthy lifestyle I won't lie.Biscuits and milk at night,chocolates and then recently noodles.My husband just suddenly started wanting to have noodles at night whenever he gets back and he will insist on cooking it himself.Anytime I have to skip being in the kitchen I take that chance especially when it's not major food.
 So I let him cook it while I watch TV.What you see up there is how it always comes out.Watery but delicious.He uses peppersoup to make it and because he doesn't want the noodles soggy he takes it off the fire before the water dries.
I then eat...and I enjoy it!!

These have been my holygrail.I've been wearing them a lot and I introduced them on my store on Instagram here 
They sold out almost immediately and will be back in stock soon.In a couple of weeks to be precise so if you are interested send me a mail/message using details from the business page.It's also going to be available to buy  in wholesale.

Who watches Hollywood & Football.I think I'm drawn to it because it's very family oriented and because I like to watch the glam life ya know??

They are my favorite couple.They have a very sweet connection plus I like how he just lets her be her.I remember how he talked about her getting her hair,nails,makeup done and dressing up differently and more often since they moved to LA.
She has to keep up with all the glamazons there!!No time.lol!

They've been married 10 years and they just kept winning the challenges.They're a couple you won't expect much from but together a strong force.The story of their early years together is really touching.How she got pregnant at 19,dropped out of school,started working to fend for them while he went forward in his career.

They call him the LeBron James look alike.They're the only couple without kids.The guy looks like an Igbo man to me o!lol!

The very protective wife plus she's very vested in planning their lives after football.She keeps saying nobody knows what could happen especially because footballers are easily cut off for various reasons.She tried at some point to go into making wines.Her husband I noticed is always super cheerful around her.

Bottomline,I love the show..

That's it..

I love posts like this where I can just jumble up random stuff.

Would you like me to keep doing posts like this?

Please let me know in the comments..


"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one"

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  1. I could have written your first two paragraphs as it is so similar to mine sans the ectopic (sorry about the experience). Anyhoo, I will be 30 in September and I want to have my RB back by then but it is so freaking hard mehn. Kai.

    I love food. I wanna be 60 something kg by then and I am currently in the 80's. God help me

    Wish you all the best with your process too

    1. Thanks so much!Best of all take your time.Don't rush the process.Wish you the very best.

  2. Awww Ella is such a cutie. She looks awesome on her feet. Thank God for a perfect lil' girl.
    Your hubby's meal looks delicious!
    I have never heard of the show, 'Hollywood and Football". Maybe I've been living under a rock. LOL
    Happy new month. sweetie!


    1. Lol!the meal was delicious I won't lie.
      Thanks my sister.I'm so grateful for her!

  3. Hey interestng piece. The noodles part struck me because my hubby is exact same with noodles - not soggy, watery and delicious and ofcourse likes it made with peppersoup. He likes to buy indomie peppersoup...lol..
    I never heard of hollywood and football, i think i have been living under the rock though. I may wanna check it out
    i Like your blog too


    1. lol!I don't understand the peppersoup craze.
      Thanks for reading.
      Going to yours now :-)


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