Wednesday, January 11, 2017

 Happy new year!!Cm'n it's still very valid to say it even if it's the second week in the year.The holidays were super tight but things have eased up a bit.
How is the year going so far?Mine?? I'ts been a roller coaster but I'll tell you all about it in the next post so don't go anywhere.

Let's talk about 5 makeup hacks that are likely to get you through those days you need a solution to the lack of something.

1.Taking makeup off:Coconut oil, baby oil, shea butter,olive oil are really good to take off your makeup with.Try it and see how your makeup will glide off.All you need is a little and all that waterproof mascara,foundation,concealer,liquid lipstick will come off like nothing.You can use a washcloth or even wipes.I like to use wipes because it gives me that feeling of water and oil and it also doesn't feel too oily.

2.Mascara for Eyeliner:This hack has helped me especially when my gel liner starts to dry up and I just don't have time to treat it's mess up.Pick up your angled brush or whatever you use to apply eyeliner and swipe some of that product off your mascara wand.Double for the price of one.Waterproof mascara makes it so much better as you're sure it will stay put for a long while.

3.Glitter Application made easy:The price of glitter glue has gone up from it's already expensive state so why not use one stone to kill two birds.
You can use eyelash glue,the one that comes white and dries clear.Please do not use the black one.Just put a little on the area you want the glitter,let it get tacky for a few seconds and then slap on your glitter with a flat brush.Voila!!

4.Slay your Contour:People always ask me what powder they can use for their contour so if you don't have a powder palette like me you can always use a brown eyeshadow.If you have different shades of brown you can try mixing to see what works for you depending on how intense you want you contour to be.You can also tone the brown down if need be with your own shade of powder.
Don't forget to hashtag #CONTOURONFLEEK :-)

5.Eyeshadow base on point:If you do not know how important your eye shadow base is then let me tell you.It is as important as salt inside food.It gives your eye shadow something to stick to so it stays on longer as opposed to just being on your skin where there's a tendency of it settling into the fine lines on your eyelid and so a base deals with that and then helps it come out more vibrant.
Just in case you do not have an eye shadow base you can apply your concealer(I say concealer because it gives more coverage),foundation may do too and then set with a powder either a setting powder or your regular face powder.

Hope it's helpful.

What are your trusted makeup hacks?


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  1. I tried the coconut oil one and it works well!. In the past when I used to wear eye shadow, I often used lotion as a base.. seemed pretty good too!


  2. I have learned quite a bit from here. I use coconut oil and it is perfect. Didn't know the bit about mascara for eyeliner. Thanks for sharing, lady.


  3. I'd definitely try to use coconut oil as a makeup remover and see how it goes. The Mascara as eyeliner also seems like a really good hack too!

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