Wednesday, December 07, 2016

I've never been a skincare NEVER!!The one thing I do not miss out on when it comes to my face is exfoliating especially on days I wear a 'cake-face'.Even if I forget to do this on certain days I make sure to do so on any day I wear makeup.

One thing I've always had a problem with is the roughness of my nose and I've mentioned it before.I have large pores on my nose and they have become bumpy because most of the time they are clogged plus I recently found out I have sebaceous filaments which do not have a permanent solution and are not a bad thing either.One of the reasons why is because I have very oily skin and it was only till recently that I found something that makes them feel smoother and just overall look better.

I've been using this bath sponge that's made in a glove form.It's easy to find this plus it's cheap at about N200 for a pair.You can buy as many as you can so you don't use any for long.

I use to go with the notion that says to keep washing your face with really mild soap and no tough anything apart from your hands and I did that for a long time but it did me no good.

This sponge changed my life face.
The sponge is very gentle on my face and still rough enough to deep clean and exfoliate. 

PS:If you live in heaven like up above where it's all cool,no breakouts,no stress,no heat then you might want to keep using your hands :-)

  The thing is facial sponges are a beneficial addition to any beauty regimen or skin care kit.They  help to draw dead skin and old cosmetics away from the skin, stimulate the growth of new cells, and  lightly exfoliate the skin to prepare it for a steaming or for a deep-cleansing wash plus since they are relatively inexpensive and convenient why not.The material they are made of gives you greater absorption than regular face cloths. 

When you open a pack of facial sponges for the first time, rinse them out several times before you use them so that any dust or debris from the processing which may have settled onto the sponge before it was packaged, is washed away.Let it dry, and stand it on its end or hang it up instead of letting it lie flat to reduce the surface area that is exposed to potential dirt and dust. Work over areas with the facial sponges where you apply makeup, so that the material can absorb any artificial chemicals from the skin.
Facial sponges are a double-edged sword, because they can harbor fungus and bacteria if they are not cared for properly. Always make sure to wring out your sponge and allow it to dry at room temperature before you use it again. Don't store wet facial sponges in a damp, enclosed place because this can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. 

Also remember it's always better to use a separate sponge for your face since the skin on the face is more sensitive.

I hope this helps because it has helped me so much I had to share.

How do you clean your face and if you've been using a sponge or whatever it is you use how has it been on your skin so far?

"Outer beauty attracts but inner beauty captivates"-Kate Andell

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  1. *covers face* i wash my face with my sponge....No special one oh, the one i use for my
    i have to get this specially for the face.
    P:S i love your picture quality's so clean and fresh. i love coming here, you make being brown skinned so glamorous.
    Kisses to you
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. hehe!I have used my body sponge for my face way back till it just stopped feeling right then I switched to my hands.
      Thanks for the sweet compliments darl!I appreciate them :-)

  2. This is helpful Cheechee!
    I have been using this same sponge for many years now for my whole body- not exclusively for my face. I use a hand towel but it looks like this sponge exfoliates even better. Will get one just for the face. Thanks for sharing, dear.

  3. And I've been seeing this sponge o. I will def buy it

  4. I use this glove sponge for my body but I'm always scared of using it on my face because I break out easily. what I use for my face is a small round sponge called Microfiber facial scrubber I got on girlyessentials and sometimes I use St Ives Fresh skin scrub. What I'm searching for now is an affordable face moisturiser for oily skin


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