Friday, December 09, 2016

 My fellow food lovers,do you constantly thank God for the opportunity to be able to eat and for provision? Let's try and feed people who are not as fortunate as we are whenever we get the chance to.#Love
If you've seen some posts on Maggi's page with the hashtag #smilewithmaggi then you are current.They said to share photos and videos of good food moments.Only problem is I could not take photos of them munching away because the food was just too good. I've always been a palm oil lover.I literally drink palm oil and I like to substitute palm oil for vegetable oil whenever I can.

This is how I made my favorite type of stew with assorted meat.Yum!!

-Assorted meat
-Ground cameroon pepper
-Iru(N50 worth) forgot to take photo
-Maggi Chicken
-Ground tomatoes and pepper(tatashe,shombo&atarodo)aka bell pepper,jalapeno &scotch bonnets.
-Ground ginger & garlic

I had already cooked my meat the previous day.

ground ginger&garlic
maggi chicken-my favorite seasoning cube
ground pepper

The first thing I did was to bleach my palm oil.Put in on the fire till it becomes transparent.Let it cool a bit before frying your onions.

 When my onions was thoroughly fried everything went in(blended tomato&pepper,salt,maggi,blended iru,cameroon pepper,thyme and maggi chicken.I blended some iru(locust beans) with a mill because I don't like to see it in my food and I forgot to take pictures so this is what it looks like just in case someone doesn't have an idea what it looks like.
image courtesy fausta's cuisine

Next my meat stock and meat went in and I left to boil for a bit and that's all.

When the stew was boiled I poured some of that oil I bleached which I set aside right on top.I picked this tip from SISI YEMMIE and even though I'm not sure how this changes things I did it because seeing more oil floating makes me happy #TotallyNotFitFamFriendlyIKnow .

Dazzall o my pipo!!
I have made this stew with titus fish as well and God it was heavenly! Mummy made the family smile especially the husband since it reminds him of stew Yoruba people cook plus he loves when I use assorted meat to cook instead of beef #OldAgeThings lol!

Do you love palm oil like me? and what is that meal you cook that everybody just can't resist?

"Good food is good mood"

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  1. I love palm oil. The taste it brings to ethnic cuisine is out of this world. Plus it's quite healthy when eaten in moderation.
    I'm so stealing that tip about adding some heated oil to the top of the stew. Seeing floating oil on stew makes me jiggly. The stew looks so delish!


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