Sunday, December 25, 2016

 Hi beautiful people.I made sure this post came on Christmas day so I could wish you a very merry merry Christmas and a fantastic new year in advance.We are alive regardless of the failures and disappointments we faced this year.
This month wanted to do some karate moves in my household but my God said lie-lie it cannot fit to happen.I'm super duper grateful for the falls,the lacks,the tears,the pain because they always prepare you for a later date.

 We had a photo session at home.I just thought since we don't have a decent family photo and mummy has a camera and a tripod why not all wear angelic color white as angels that we are and snap!
I planned to do timed shots but when I thought about how hectic it will be with the kids I called my sister and she came through.Now we have decent looking photos at least that I can frame.I really can't wait to get a new lens.It will make everything better #Hopeful

See how they look like very calm and quiet girls.Keep going and see Ella in action.Grace's action wasn't caught on camera.

She was so sleepy it took a whole lot of distractions to keep her eyes open.If you look closely you will see her eyes were a bit sunken.
fine girl with plenty questions and shakara for body!

see her!

making sure the hair and makeup were still in place after all the arrangements,begging,cuddling,drying of tears etc.

I really love this one but it's still  not the lucky one to get framed
At least when you come to my house now you'll know there are 4 of us without seeing everybody.hehe!

Stay Very Blessed,Be Loving and Kind and May the new year bring us good tidings.

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  1. Awww! I liked the photos and I'm glad you guys took it. Cool to see the whole family.
    Hope you had an amazing celebration!

    1. We did darling!Hope you did too?
      Compliments of the season!!

  2. We get to see the whole family.... y'all are cute,happy people.
    Merry Christmas dear

  3. What a beautiful family! I love the white theme.
    Merry Christmas, dear.
    May the Lord bless and watch over you all.

  4. Lovely pictures. I think you should frame that last one. It looks really natural. Happy holidays dear.

  5. Nice pictures...beautiful family.
    Happy new year!!!


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