Wednesday, November 23, 2016

 It feels really good to say I'm going to do this today and actually do it.I've formed the habit of writing my to do list on stick-it notes and then put it up on my dressing mirror so at the end of the day I strike out the things I was able to do and for the things I couldn't I carry them over till the next day which I honestly hate to do.Who likes carry overs?

 On this fateful day I struggled to keep my makeup in one piece because I had a serious cold and a sore throat and my eyes kept watering uncontrollably but who would have known right?You wouldn't have!

 Shine shine season is creeping up on us.When all this obodo oyibo people will come and try to oppress human beings with their dollar that is now gold in this country.I just tire!
I'm looking forward to many parties this December because last year I had a bun in the oven and I was seriously waddling like no man's business.This year we are going to be extra without apologies.Too much??hehe!hopefully I don't just sit home eating and watching movies with the hubby after all this gingering because that is so me.

If you're a loyal reader you'll remember I reviewed this pressed glitter CLICK HERE
I'm wearing the shade BLURPLE.

On why I haven't been filming I'm making a few adjustments.I'm actually planning to buy another lens for my camera for better quality but I'm sure I will do a video before it comes.

Ok!!Looks like I had a number of things to say in this post.Let me go!Byeeee.

Oh yeah before I forget on my lips I have a brown lip liner,Jordana liquid matte lipstick in Tiramisu and Rimmel lipgloss in endless summer.

I'm slowly moving to the glossy side of life.AMEN!;-)

Be good and Stay Blessed!

"Believe me,you are beautiful.They just don't see it"

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  1. Hahaha at seriously waddling last year! I was pregnant too year before last during Christmas. Wasn't funny at all. What lens are you looking at? I've been thinking of getting a 50 mm prime lens. You look beautiful as always!

    1. It's such a joy to not be pregnant this Christmas.I'm looking at a 24mm lens and the 50mm is my second option.
      Thanks for the compliment!

  2. I love this look and your eyebrows are just too cute. The quote at the end of this post is lovely.

  3. Flawless makeup look and your eyebrows are banging.

  4. You are beautiful. Just when I started appreciating makeup, you showed up on my blogosphere. Nice to connect with you.


    1. Thanks for being here Amaka.
      Please stay with me :-)

  5. Girl, this make up is fanfriggingtastic. Purple looks great on you. And I feel you about gingering yourself up, and not following up on plans to actually go out. I do it all the time, as I am such a home body.

    1. I'm giving myself serious side eye now because there's a 95% chance I won't go!
      Thank you!:-)


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