Saturday, November 12, 2016

 Ha!This title I think is a bit distracting but that's how I felt in this lipstick. How do you feel when you wear red lipstick? Tell me..

If you follow me on Instagram HERE then you'll know this is pretty pretty old.I did a video tutorial for this look but I did not like how it came out because it was that time of the month and I was breaking out so badly.I only decided to not post the video today.

 This post title reminds me of years back when I felt so young and I wanted to be older and be able to make huge decisions on my own.As a teenager I felt so good the first time I dyed my hair a golden blonde.It came out horrid plus I looked like an Aboriginal.It made me happy because I was looking forward to making bigger decisions without my parents consent.Of course my hair saw other colours like wine,black,plum etc after that till it became weak and just messed up.

Looking at my life over the years especially since I got married I've made decisions with my family in mind,making sure nobody suffers and if anybody does it should be me.My days of just going with the flow are limited in certain ways and that's a huge irony considering the fact that "I'm now grown".

You see way back when I really started getting on the internet a lot of young girls were older than me,I wanted to be able to express myself the way I wanted to but to an extent I felt age was holding me back or so I thought.Now I'm older I feel really old when a lot of younger people are getting it,hitting goals,achieving in whatever fields their in.

BOTTOMLINE|:You're never too old,you're never too young and there is no right time.Who made the rules?Someone who met them?

On my Lips:Jordana sweet cream matte liquid lip colour in Cherry Cobbler,lined with Tara lip pencil in wine.

"You're never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

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  1. i really like this post Chee! and the message in it. And I feel really grown when i Wear red lipstick which is my default colour. I can relate with the bit of no longer just going with the flow even though you're now old enough to do so!

    ps: I just realised that when you take out the first two letters out of my name, that's yours! - 'Kachee.

    1. Haha!We're sisters na so the name thing haff teh.I love the red on your nails on your Ig photo.Red looks amazing on your skin tone.

  2. I feel bold and daring when I wear a red lippie. Girl, you are beautiful.That cherry cobbler together with your lips is a match made in makeup heaven. I just got myself a wine lip liner the other day. Can't wait to try it with a red lipstick.

    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Sis!*blushing*.Yesss please rock it.Red is just such a grown colour.


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