Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I feel the 20's are the eye opening years.The years of self realization,self affirmation,self confidence and overall  love for one's self flaws and all and I'm saying this from a girls perspective.I know some people  still struggle with finding themselves during these years. I don't think it's ever late because these things are not taught,they are realized and I feel when it's the time you just move towards that direction.The teenage years are the years you are so eager to try out some thing(s) which you may have already before realizing in the long run really wasn't a big deal,at the same time we yearn for freedom and independence to some extent.

 So far I started truly loving myself and accepting my self(body and all) in my early 20's and it's been a journey since then.I struggled with body confidence as a teenager it makes the most part of those years a blur.I feel I did not have any fun and I wish I can go back and live it all over again.
I put together 5 points and I'll  briefly explain things I have learnt in my 20's and these have helped change my outlook on life and have helped shape me so far..

1.Kill competition-You see this is among the top killers of joy especially with women.I did a post some time ago when I was doing my LET'S TALK SERIES HERE on life not being a competition and I think anybody struggling with this needs to read this.If you focus so much time comparing yourself to others you won't even have the time to grow.The thing is comparison is always with people we share something similar with.It's either a fellow woman,same age group,a fellow married sister,someone in the same workplace or same business and the misconception is in the thinking that we should be achieving the same things especially if we are both putting in the work.For some reason life doesn't work like that.Even identical twins don't get it in life the same so I don't understand how Miss A will compare herself to Miss Z because they have something in common.Ko le werk!

2.Sometimes it's not the right time.This I had to learn after God must have been ashamed of me countless times.It's like when your mum says you shouldn't have candy because she knows your teeth are susceptible to aches and you stupidly keep insisting.I have asked questions in the past why this or this didn't happen when I wanted it to only for it to come at the last minute.It has been a recurring pattern.Just when I'm giving up and saying "God nawa o!" it just happens.As a teenager I had no idea about the timing of things and that even though some things may tarry it would all eventually work to my benefit.Life is more than what we see physically so there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes we are completely unaware of.

3.Envy doesn't epp anybody-You see some people have gone through hell to get the things they have today.Some not so much,they didn't even have to cross a small stream before they hit it big.Life is like that,very uncertain and sometimes unfair but what then does envy help you acheive? NOTHING!! Some work hard and get there and some don't.Some work smart and get there and others still don't.Who is to blame for that ojoro?Me?You?
Most importantly keep pushing,work as hard/as smart as you can,enjoy the process and stop beating yourself up.

4.Be confident and own it:One of the reasons a lot of people are happy doing what they love is because they were confident enough to go for what their hearts desire.You see someone gave me a pep talk sometime ago when I mentioned some projects I wanted to come up with and I wasn't sure what the turnout will be and he asked me to instead do it afraid.At that moment I was happy with the response.It made so much sense until I read Joyce Meyer's the confident woman and I realized we need to live boldly and without fear but only after you have understood the anatomy of fear and how it works.This book is changing my life one step at a time and I think everyone needs to get it.

5.Pick your crowd:The fewer people,the less drama you have around you.Let your circle be small but top notch.Some people cannot survive with a few friends and It's true that the smaller your circle,the smaller your problems.Be sure to be very selective when it comes to your close circle because they can make or mar you.If you are the type of person that sieves what she is told and throws out the chaff then you are likely to always stand for what you believe in but some people are like agege bread,they just soak it all in.These are the types of people that need to be super picky of who they let get into their lives and head.

There is so much more I may not be able to remember but these 5 I feel are the most important to me.
What are some of those things you have learnt and  applied that have brought positive results in your life?

I'm still on the journey to learning how to live life as beautifully as I can and I'm sure so many other people are so please SHARE!!


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  1. Lol, @ envy doesn't epp anybody... i wish ladies would all know this..

    Nice piece girl.


  2. I think one of the most important lessons I have learned is that worry doesn't help in any way. Trust God above all else.
    I have also learned to approach life slowly and thoroughly. Sometimes the rush isn't just worth it.
    You re so right when you say sometimes it is not the right time. God makes everything beautiful in its time. Awesome lessons, dear!


  3. Enjoyed reading this! I've been reading The Confident Woman too and it's such a good read. Even though I haven't finished it, I've gotten a whole lot of lessons from it that I shared on my blog.
    The Confident Woman: Joyce Meyer

  4. Totally need to read "The Confident Woman". Seen so much good stuff about it. Loving these later parts of my twenties and these lessons above are important.


  5. Interesting post. I just kept nodding and hmm-ing as I read through. These are important lessons. You are right about them not being taught but realized. (That moment of awareness - so beautiful)

    PICK YOUR CROWD resonates deeply with me. :)


  6. Great and Inspiring post! I've learnt to have faith, patience, never give up and continue striving!

    Tega Enai Blog
    Fashion | Lifestyle | Everything In Between

  7. Pick your crowd! Yass, yas to this! You get to a certain point in your life where you cannot of meaningless people in your life. You pick like-minded people, and people who push you to reach your full potential.


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