Sunday, October 16, 2016

 You know how you wear eyeliner in your waterline and then after a while it starts smudging and making your whole lower lash line dark till you start to look like a raccoon.hehe!!Once I introduce you to this pencil that will all be in the past.Sit tight and relax!!

The brand name is Kiss Beauty.Does it sound familiar?It's one of those overlooked brands especially if you are used to the more popular brands.For me it's one of those brands I will see and throw my face away because it's not popular but you see these days I'm open to try new products in the market.

This pencil was a freebie from my sweetheart friend Kike after I bought a couple of things from her and it is one of the best freebies I've received in all my years of buying makeup plus I was shocked at the performance when I swatched it.All this long talk on top of one black pencil??

The lighter strokes are from a very light-handed almost flimsy swatch like my hand was literally not  holding the pencil properly and the other swatches were done with the regular pressure I will exert when I'm lining my eyes and look at how dark it came out.This is the type of pencil you will have to be careful with when using especially if you don't want very dark eyes,so you have to be light-handed during application.
It is of course smudge-proof.
It can also be sharpened .
Is it waterproof as it says on the body?YESSSSS!!
When I got it I swatched it and was pretty impressed so I lined one eye,did a little wing up top and then I forgot to take it off.After my night bath I took a quick glance into the mirror and saw my eye was dark.It was almost as intact as when I put it.Of course with a little rub and tug here and there with makeup remover and a cotton pad it came off.

Will I buy another when I'm done with this one??A BIG YES!

I found out this pencil sells for between N500-N1000 depending on where you get yours from.

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it"

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  1. Is it available in the US? Cos I'm tired of my Jordana liners that aren't water or smudge proof.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Hi B! I'm not sure about that at all o. Your best bet is to ask someone coming over there, hopefully you get someone to buy for you. Sorry about the Jordana jare!

  2. I don't even know the name of my eyeliner. But if I ever come across this one, I'll be sure to try it!! || Bloglovin'!
    The Designer Luxury Handbag: To Buy or Not to Buy

  3. I don't think I ever heard of a waterproof eyeliner. This looks so intense.
    Hope you are good, Cheechee?

    1. There are.It's only that there are a few cheap ones that perform this well.

  4. This is good.Here in The middle east, they make very good eye liners too but if I run out of the ones I have, I'll sure fall back on this. By the way, I watched your base look video but seems the comment section was disabled. You were spot on. I thought I was crazy to think beauty blenders suck up my products. It's good to know someone else noticed. Would love if you make a comprehensive video on brushes cos I get more confused with every new makeup tutorial video out there. The only one I've gotten right is my blush brush. Weldone babe.

    1. Hi babe,women in the middle east love their waterline dark so you're lucky.As far as I know the comment section for that video was enabled o but thanks for watching.I will work on the brush video because I have gotten requests to explain what brush is used for what a lot of times.Thanks for the suggestion/reminder.


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