Sunday, October 30, 2016

I know a lot of people love glitter looks and probably think it's difficult but hey I've got you on this one.It can be super easy with this Shop Sisi NG pressed glitters.According to them they are made here in Nigeria.They come in magnetic pans fit for magnetic palettes like this one HERE.When I received them this is how they were packaged-in small ziplock bags and then stapled to paper cards that have the brand name and glitter design on them.

I bought these because the shades caught my eye and I'm sure I'll be wearing them.


  Since they are pressed glitters they do not need any adhesive to get them on.However,do not try using a brush to put them on and even if you decide to use one use a flat synthetic brush and expect some fallout.I prefer to use my fingers to tap on the product.I also noticed the shade blurple filled just about half of the pan which I do not like one bit especially since all others are full.
I wish they came with something like a lid because when you try to take them out of the nylons the nylon grazes the top of the pan and sweeps out some glitter so you tend to loose product if you're not careful.


Overall I love the fact that I can just use my finger to pop this on and make any look a bit extra or look like you tried hard when all you did was tap.

PRICE:N500 each

"Be what you want to be not what others want to see"

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