Thursday, October 27, 2016

If you've noticed I'm all for anything makeup on a budget friendly scale.My friend told me about these products some time ago and I liked how the swatches looked.So I did my research,read some reviews and I fell in love with a few shades which I ended up buying.

  They come in 12 shades and since I've always wanted another matte nude plus I've been wanting to also get a blue undertoned red lipstick I got one.The bottles though are a tad bit smaller (3g) than regular liquid matte ones .

When I swatched the nude 'tiramisu' it came out the smoothest.It was so opaque/pigmented.Application was super easy and streak free and I love the shade.It's a peach based nude.

The red 'cherry cobbler' is so beautiful.The shade is so gorgeous and will be pretty on a lot of skin tones.It's my favourite red for now.It comes out a bit patchy but it's still very bearable and workable.It also leaves a stain on the lips when you take it off.

The deep purple vampy one 'sweet marsala wine' is the streakiest and this makes it so difficult to get an even application.I love the shade but the patchiness is very annoying.

  They do not tug so much on the lips and I will say on a scale of 1-10,10  being most uncomfortable on the lips I'll say they are a 6.Not bad!

I got them each for N2,000 and I'll say for the price they are pretty good.I hear in the US they are sold for about $4-$5.

You can get from Kike if you're in Nigeria-08068839201.Her Instagram HERE


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