Saturday, September 24, 2016

 You see anytime I want to say hi at the beginning I always have Dora the explorer's Hola! in my head thanks to Grace but I feel like it will become boring saying it all the time that's why I started this post like this so we can skip that part yeah??lol!
Let's talk about this look..
I was so inspired with this lip I don't know how I managed to forget I had it.Anyway this will pass as a look for fall.

I poked my eye with my brush hence the redness.#makeupstruggles
You've heard that beauty is pain right?lol!

                                                                  PRODUCTS USED

Sweet Rose Eyeshadow Pallete I used for this look here
Bh cosmetics 2nd edition palette
Bee lashes #605
La girl fineline eyeliner
Sleek kohl pencil in black
Hard candy bronzer in heat wave as brow bone highlight

Mary kay medium coverage foundation in 607
Maybelline concealer in Cafe
Ben Nye topaz powder
Covergirl ebony bronzer
Tara powder palette
La girl setting spray
Blush from Bh cosmetics neutral&blush palette
Missy lynn x Bh cometics palette in inner tear duct and as cheek highlight

Tara lip pencil in WINE
LA Girl liquid matte lipstick in REBEL

"A wise woman once said fuck this shit and she lived happily ever after"

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  1. Sorry about your eye! I remember when I used to be so scared of eyeliners, for the same reason.

    You already know this is a nice look!


  2. I'm really scared of eyeliners oh. Was browsing through your YouTube channel for eyeliner application but I didn't see. Do you have one? You look beautiful and your brows always get to me. So clean!
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Thanks Laitan.I remember you've said so in a previous post.I don't have an eyeliner video.Never thought of making one too but I'll see what I can do.

  3. I keep saying a particular look is the best on you, until I see a new look that tops it. Now I'm confused.lol. They all look so good. I know it can be tedious but please can you do more tutorial videos on those 10 day challenge.Oh, Make up and its struggles. Kpele!

  4. Love love love this look especially the lip combo!



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