Saturday, August 20, 2016

 I was thinking of how late I am posting this but then again remember I said from the first day I may not post all looks here but will  definitely do on my Instagram HERE but then again I like things done a certain way and once I start I can't stop.It looks like you here are getting all of the fun because I post more photos here than I do on Instagram.
How was your day by the way?Mine was full of cooking plus I had makeup on and then again my pikins.God help us mamas.I think this challenge is making me realize I have so much on my hands than I realized because even with all I still have to squeeze this in and I'm not a quitter.lie lie!!
  From the title it's obvious I'm wearing makeup but the idea was to make it as nude as I wanted it to be.This look is actually a requested look plus my mum was around when I did this so I thought this is the type of makeup she will like so let's do it.You won't believe she still told me when she was going that my makeup is too much like she always does.Oh well!!

 So let me ask this.Who doesn't like pork??If you say you ehn then you're missing out on this life and the amazing food it brings o.Who would have thought those dirty piggies could be so yummy.No vex if you are a vegetarian o.I just can't help it.My husband introduced me to pork and before then I was all about that oh my gosh it's irritating,I can't eat it.Ask me why?Just those dumb baseless things people put in your head about eating pigs but today he reminded me and I was like yeah I knew there was something missing in my food life-hehe!

 Fast forward to about an hour later I had a nylon of pork in my kitchen sink and I went in and came out with a yummy pot of soup and stew.Some real finger licking goodness.All the while I was doing my makeup at the same time-life!
Let me just stop so you can enjoy the photos :-D

 This is the nudest I can get with my makeup and I'm sure this is still too much for some people.

 "Be the type of person you want to meet"

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  1. Your brows are lifee.. Please tell me you have a tutorial somewhere? The part about your mum made me laugh lol. Never eaten pork before but I have no prejudices against it so soon. Very soon.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Oh hi Olaa!I have a tutorial on my YouTube channel.You can search for CheecheeLive or just click on the youtube tab above and it will take you there. A lot has changed in my brow routine since then so I will do an updated one soon.

  2. I love your make-up, . I guess your mum is like mine too, she calls it painting and decoration lol. I ate pork then in school , had a friend who was studying animal science and she bought it regularly from the school farm in OAU, its sooo yummy. I have't eaten it since then again though.
    Nice blog you have here.

    1. Thank you so much.Please stick around especially since we are "pork-eating"!


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