Thursday, August 18, 2016

Holla! como estas? Yes I've been listening to Dora the explorer.The weekend is almost here just like that.I swear I thought today was Tuesday till I tried to confirm from the husband if it was Tuesday and he looked at me with crazy eyes.Let's talk about this look..
I couldn't finish this challenge and skip the smokey eye naw ,'eez nor pozzible' ,I did not want it to be basic cos I ain't no basic chic.*see me feeling fly*.I popped on that glitter in place of my liner.

 I also decided on silver instead of my usual rose gold or just gold in my tear duct area and then with some nude glossy lips to match.This challenge has made me reach for a lot of products I forgot I even had so that's one very good thing about it.

 Did you notice I colored in my moles? My sister reminds me a lot to do that and the thing is I have moles on those exact spots people tend to fake moles on.Like...see God o!hehe.

  Today I realized something about my life,I have grown and I'm so much of a better woman than I was some years ago or even months ago.I've evolved,I've grown.Marriage,people,children and life in general have taught me things I wouldn't and couldn't have learnt in school.I'm proud of that growth therefore I don't beat myself up when I make a mistake because one day,someday I will look back and realize I could have done better and that's fine.It's OK to know less,you definitely can't know it all at once.Just make sure you make the best decisions you can and if you fail,get up boo and go at it again.It's LIFE!

"Forget what hurt you,but never forget what it taught you"

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  1. If there's anything I'm proud of you for, is that you're doing it! Almost there.

    Lol @ Dora the Explorer. Jsut what i blogged about yesterday. Releasing Your Inner Child!
    Re Moles - That's life oh. We have what some people are really praying for.
    10 Really Good Tips For Your Weekly Meal Prep

    1. Yay!Thanks hun..Btw I keep trying to add your blog to my blog list and it keeps failing.Any reason why?

  2. Wow... U're an amazing woman... Been following the challenge and all i can say is ... U're beautiful inside and out, u're unique and exquisite.. Keep doing you sweetie. The sky's ur starting point.. Kisses

    1. Aww! thank you Lizzy.God bless you so much for this.

  3. A lot of times, I don't know what day of the week it is so you're in good company!
    I love the smoky look and the glitter on your eyes.
    Have a blessed weekend, sweetie!


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