Monday, July 25, 2016

 You know those times you are confused about how to wear your natives or how to style those pants,skirts,blazers etc or even when you get to your tailor and you have very limited choice of styles to sew.I have been in that position countless times.
There's a solution and it's NEEDLE+


 Whenever, you need styles, you still have to follow the inefficient process of Googling, using Style magazines like ThisDay's Allure or Guardian's Life or worse still, making do with the old and dusty style look-books at the tailor's or seamstress's place. It goes without saying that getting good designs is stressful and inefficient at worst.

In 2016, it needed not to be so and this is what we set out to re-define. Needle+ is an online style book that enables people get style inspirations from their fellow everyday African. It doesn’t have to be a celeb. There are everyday Black people whose styles you have always admired and imitated. Now, we are giving you a better way of doing that online. 

 It’s still in private beta and not publicly launched yet but they are giving my blog readers early access. Needle+ is on a mission to organize African style. Some of the things we noticed was that there was no central hub for all things African fashion e.g. when you need style inspirations, what usually happens is that you start from Google and stare down that rabbit-hole of Ankara and Aso-Ebi blog posts which might not best suit your needs after a large amount of searching.  Hence if you want to sew a cloth, even if you are following bellanaija on IG, you will hardly see a central hub for Style trends. Needle+ hopes to help solve this by organizing and making accessible as much of African fashion as possible. We solved this by letting people upload and share their style moments, enabling others to use it as style inspirations.

 Users are able to upload or browse styles, embed on blogs, make their styles private, create albums of styles they like and have used, follow fashion Icons who post styles on Needle+ and then Whatsapp styles directly to their Tailors. We understand that African fashion designers usually price their designs out of the reach of the common millennial. We created Needle+ to make it easy to easily copy a style you like and send it to your tailor. 

 In conclusion, I guess in every disappointment, there is a blessing. :-)

Don't forget to go through the site Needleplus.com and enjoy!

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