Friday, July 15, 2016

  My week was sooo busy and it was just one kind.I had to go out almost everyday during the week and everybody close to me was occupied with one thing or another so I had my mum come in and then I promised i'll be gone 2 hrs max because Ella is breastfeeding exclusively which I'm thinking of stopping and supplementing with other things once she turns 4 months on Monday.I hate pumping milk so I feed directly ALLLL THE TIMEEEEEEE!!!.See how I capitalized and made it bold because I'm so tired honestly.I'm still contemplating .

I love this top Ella wore because anytime I buy clothes for them I see lots of mummy ones and never come across daddy ones and the husband complained like it was intentional.So when I saw this I grabbed it immediately.I could tell he was happy.It's in the little things..

  So Grace my first baby graduated to primary 1-yay! 'eet haff teh na'!Since I gave birth to her she's  just entering primary 1?? lol! The work that comes with raising them makes you just in a way want the years to run by so they can be more dependent on themselves to do things.During the week I was on the hunt for a skirt suit and I couldn't get one that looked right so I went for separates plus getting a purple camisole was another wahala.I was about settling for lilac when someone called my attention and brought me this and I did not still get the shade right-the struggle mehn!Lucky for me every single day I went out Ella slept throughout till I got back #understandingbaby.

She likes shakara.After she made her hair she kept flipping it and then she was looking at the mirror and said 'mummy i'm pretty o!'.

I couldn't get a picture of the food because Ella did not allow me enjoy the thing well sef but it was nice.I like when people take time to cook meat for parties so that you won't have to embarrass yourself 'tearing' meat and messing ya clothes up.I have gone to parties where I jejely left the meat for them to chop.The meat was large and really soft.

She kept bringing her friends and was asking me to take them pictures.Unfortunately when she gathers them and goes to get another person they will all disperse and go their various!They reminded me of  sheep when they escape from a barn and you're trying to bring them together.

Boredom had finished Ella she kept sleeping,waking,breastfeeding and sleeping again.She just woke up here.

A glimpse of what I wore,My tailor will hear from me on Monday.I collected this top the evening before and I was too busy to try it.It's supposed to be an off the shoulder top but the shapeless way it looked when I pulled it down my shoulders made me leave it as it is.
  So during the prize-giving a mother near me got up to receive a gift on behalf of her son for being the best in a certain subject and when she got back to her sit her daughter tried to collect the gift maybe to peek to see what was inside as children will do only for her to burst out saying 'you did not collect anyone' and the little girl started crying.I was so reminded of how sensitive the minds of children are,some may not cry but it registers somewhere and if they have siblings they may start to feel one person is getting all the attention.It's very important to avoid the  "favorite child syndrome" because it could brew and cause trouble later on.

I took photos of Ella when we got back and even though the weather was a bit gloomy I like how they came out.

I wish I could take the credit for her being this pretty but it's all God through me though 😜😜

 This is how you go from crazy face to angel face real quick..😂😂😂😂😂😂

I rewarded myself for all the wahala with some makeup which I will probably review and some kitchen utensils and I was honestly happy.

Those were all I could take.I wish I could have taken more but Ella did not let me
Hope you like!😊😊

 ''Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking''-Marcus Aurelius

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  1. What a pretty little girl you have there! She looks so cute in her little suit.
    Looking at baby Ella just melts my heart. I want to hold her like right now.
    Thank God for the graduation. The pictures are so beautiful!
    Thank God for an understanding baby, Ella.
    Ha! Some tailors and their unscrupulous ways. So that was supposed to be an off-shoulder?!
    What kind of kitchen utensils did you reward yourself with?

    1. My sister it is supposed to be off-shoulder o!I don't understand..I got a few fancy bowls and then I got a wok too.Kisses to the girls!!

    2. I've been planning to get a wok. Officially jealous.

  2. I read all the way. Your daughters are so beautiful .

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  3. I enjoyed reading this. Lol @ finding it hard to get clothes with daddy on it for Ella. Your daughters are so cute! Loool @ since she's just in primary one. And you make a good point about the 'failed child syndrome'. As for tailors. Na wa!
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  4. Awww, congrats to Grace! I love the picture of her and Ella. So cute.

  5. Ella is sooooooooooo cute! I love the photo of her and Grace - she looks like a great big sister.

    Congrats to your family.

    LOL @ your tailor. It's not something I miss, although I miss the relatively cheap clothes.

    SMH @ the mum that was insensitive to her daughter :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. Such an interesting post. I love your blog!


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