Friday, July 29, 2016

 The thing about this blog is I can come up with anything..like ANYTHINGG!!!hehe and it just makes dong this so much fun.Anyway, I'm sure if you've been here for a while then you know I'm breastfeeding exclusively.I keep on talking about how tired I am especially since I hate pumping milk so I feed directly from the source.hehe!.I mentioned in this post here how I was going to start supplementing with other things but I honestly do not have the liver for it.I breastfed my first daughter Grace exclusively and I know how amazing it can be so I'm going to share with you the things I find very helpful about breastfeeding in general.At the end of the day it's your choice to handle your child as you want  after all 'na you born am'.I can only share from my experience and that of other mothers.

-Do you know breastfeeding helps you loose weight?I told another mother who had her baby in the same hospital as me and she did not believe it.As far as caloric burn breastfeeding mothers loose about 300-500 calories per day even though it is required you up your calorie intake so that you can produce breast milk you will still drop a few inches from your waistline especially if you're not overeating.However it is not certain this will take you back to your pre-baby weight.If you loose weight rapidly then you are not taking in enough calories to help your body.I can testify to this.I remember when I had Grace and I had to go back to school for my NYSC clearance a lot of people did not believe I just had a baby and considering I'm a big girl people expected me to be all over the place-imagine! so yes this is proven if not by anybody then by me.

-Breastfeeding is the best thing that can happen to you and your baby health wise. Breastfeeding cuts the risk of breast cancer and the longer they continue the lower the chances of developing the disease.Breastfeeding lowers the rate of some cancer-related hormones in the mother's body.As for babies it cuts down the risk of diarrhea,food allergies,pneumonia,constipation,chest and ear infections etc in the early stages of development.Breastfed babies are also less likely to develop eczema .

-Breastfeeding helps to shrink your uterus faster.It helps accelerate the process thereby making you look less pregnant as the days go by.I only noticed the contractions you get after having a second baby and as you go on are super intense.

When I had Ella I thought something was wrong because I was in serious pain till I had the time to settle down and make my research and found that it felt way more painful after a first baby so that's a heads-up.

-Breastfeeding creates closeness and intimacy between mother and baby and this can not be priced.You alone can give milk directly.Nursing creates a massive surge of the love hormone called oxytocin in a woman's brain.

That's the one time Ella looks me directly in the eye.I can imagine she's saying you're my world,the reason I'm here and I will love you forever.

-It is super easy-pull up your shirt,pull out the boob and in it goes.It is always the right temperature and you thrive seeing that baby grow on your breast milk alone.It makes you feel like some sort of superwoman plus it helps you save money.Like where do you get a deal as good as this?This is 100% off plus free sef!


-I know they say breastfeeding is a 98-99% trustworthy form of contraceptive but this has been proven wrong for a lot of women I know personally.I know someone that got pregnant when her baby was 3 months old and she had her baby in the same hospital I used so please as much as you can use more accurate methods of contraceptives.

-I also know it is supposed to delay ovulation thereby delaying your period for at least 6 months and some women go up to 1 year especially if you're breastfeeding exclusively.This happened when I had Grace,my period stayed away till she was 6months but now Ella wasn't even 4 months and it has said Hello! which I'm honestly not finding funny at alllll.Cm'on that wasn't the plan.I'm still recovering from the birth and then you just show ya ugly head!Mschewww.

Any other thing you want to let us know?Please do in the comment section.

'Pregnancy and childbirth makes a woman an instant mother. But all the days that follow thereafter with the love, caring, nurturing, cuddling, and worry is what makes her mom'

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  1. Breastfeeding is my top method for loosing pregnancy weight right after delivery.
    Exclusive breastfeeding also works well as contraception for me but it doesn't for others.
    The bond breastfeeding creates between mother and baby is so strong. Thanks for sharing, dear. How old is Ella?


    1. Really?I'm scared to take that risk o.She's 4mnths and about 2 weeks.


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