My experience with a Lagos bus beggar

Friday, June 03, 2016

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Let me share something that happened to me on a bus here in Lagos.I was on my way back from a fair and it was getting late.By the way my definition of late is like!I entered the bus and I settled in after looking for a spot to sit in so i could easily get out when they got to my bustop. I wasn't about to fly down from a moving bus especially since the drivers and conductors have brain touch.Just as the conductor was about to shut the door someone jumped in,i initially thought it was one of these people that preach in buses.The next thing i heard him say was my brothers and sisters....i honestly didn't pay attention to the rest.What caught my attention was when he said there was an accident not far from where the bus picked passengers and he was pointing and he said his wife sold plantains there and that a trailer with a failed brake ran into people selling by the roadside and that included his wife who was with their son on that day.He went on to say they were both injured and were in the hospital at the moment and that he did not have any money to foot the medical bills.He said he sold ice cream in a small truck which he had parked for so long trying to source for funds for his family.I was honestly touched by his story.He went on to pray for the passengers and do you know that with all he had said nobody had come forth with one naira.Ahh! i said to myself why won't anybody want to give this man money with this kain situation he's found himself in but there's something about being the first to do some things like this in this country especially because there's a lot of dishonesty everywhere.Later on he pulled out two hospital bills,he said one belonged to his wife and the other was his sons'.I wasn't sitting too far from him so i tried to go through it since he faced it to the crowd.I saw the surnames were the same and i saw he had one bill of N11,000 and the other i cant remember but i was convinced he was telling us his story as it was.Well,i brought out N1000 and handed it to him.He thanked me and kept talking.I took my mind off what he was saying because i had played my part the best way i could.
The next thing that happened was a shocker.......
A man from the last seat in the bus asked him "oga did you say a trailer ran into your wife and some other people"?the man said yes.The passenger went on to say "you are a liar ,i know you and nothing like this happened..I said to myself-hey! e be like say dem don gba me o!!.The man begging started to try to defend himself.He said "it is not me,maybe it is someone else"then he asked the passenger to look at the hospital bill which the men bluntly refused to look at.He kept on saying i know you,i ply this route very often.You're a liar and a thief and you are spoiling show for others.All the while i was thinking to myself why didn't this man open his dirty mouth to say so before i gave this man money.I heard people asking if anybody had given him money and some said only one lady.I now felt like the'lady' who had money to throw away.The passenger kept telling him he knew him and that he is a liar,next thing the man jumped down from the bus when it stopped to pick some more passengers.See me see trouble o!lol! Everbody now started talking about the lady(me) who gave him money,some said it was N100,some said it was N200 before someone told them it was N1000.The women shouted haaaaa!eya but that man for don talk since na.I just looked on thinking did this man play me or was he telling the truth?If he really went from bus to bus the drivers and conductors would recognize him but then again considering this is a nation full of cheats they can even connive and share whatever comes from the begging.Then again i thought if he was lying isn't he scared someone else can recognize him.Lagos is too small o and people dey waka.I just said to myself that i'm definitely more fortunate than him so the money will be useful to him in one way or another.That's what i used to console myself definitely not because of the money but the fact that i felt cheated and if he was lying why was i the only one that fell for it.If it wasn't a public transport i will say it was planned but then again it doesn't make sense abi? on top N1000.hehe!Anyway i don dash the man the money by force, at least let him use it for breakfast,lunch and dinner.I see why people don't like to be generous and it's spoiling things for the innocent ones.The bad ones are just putting sand inside their garri and everyone wants to protect themselves from being cheated no matter how rich they are.So my people my tori don end.

Have you experienced anything like this before?
Please share in the comments and enjoy the weekend.

"There's too much pain and uncertainty in the world. You should seize happiness whenever it comes, and hold onto it for as long as you can."
Anna White

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  1. This happens a lot..beggars at the entrance of buses and blah.. I just follow my heart..
    Whether the beggar is lying or not just do your own good that's all that matters.. because it is a must we give to the needy.. it's called zakat.

    1. I did o! My heart told me to give and I told my mum the same thing she said once I know I felt the urge to give I should leave it at that.

  2. Your own is even N1,000. I dashed one man N2,000!!

    Just because he accosted me at an ATM gallery, there was no one else there and the security men were nowhere to be found!

    He tried to talk to me when I was withdrawing my money, saying that he needed my help....I ignored him. But on my way to the car, he came again. I should have entered my car and driven off, but I don't know what made me stand transfixed to listen to him.

    He told a story about his car running out of fuel, and the car was parked on the highway with his kids waiting inside it he said he wasn't a begger, that he just needed help (he was actually well dressed).

    Nne, I carried 2k and gave the guy ooo!!

    It was when I was driving off that I dissected all that the crook had said. How can he let his car run out of fuel on the highway? Surely he couldn't have left his helpless kids in a car on the highway! It hit me that I had been scammed.

    Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew! Shebi it's just 2k? He should chop it na!

    I guess it was his mention of kids that got to me.

    1. Can you imagine? Chai!!Yes you had sympathy because of the mention of children.It's even annoying when they try to play smart.Thanks for reading!


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