Fresh Tomato Stew alternative

Monday, June 06, 2016

 I posted on my Instagram that I was going to share my recipe for stew made without fresh tomatoes.If you're not following me already- @cheecheelive.With the hike in the price of tomatoes in Nigeria many people are looking for alternatives and there are a lot like ofe akwu(banga),buka stew and other stews using just peppers,peppersoup etc but if you still want that red stewy taste that feels like there are tomatoes in it then you may just like this.

Beef,chicken,fish (whichever you choose)
Shombo aka Jalapeno pepper
Atarodo aka Scotch bonnet
Tatashe aka Bell pepper
Tomato Paste
Maggi chicken-1 cube
Groundnut oil
Onions(2 bulbs)-to blend and cook
Powdered garlic and ginger

 I use a mix of different types of peppers-jalapeno peppers aka shombo,bell peppers aka tatashe and scotch bonnet aka atarodo.I have more of atarodo because my husband likes his stew extra peppery.Each type of pepper gives it's own flavour to the stew and personally i can't leave any out.

I also use a lot of onions because that's how I like my stews.

This is my favourite seasoning and my mum used this to cook for us and she still does till now so I just grew into using it as well.

I like to use dry ground ginger and garlic I buy from abokis  that sell spices in the market but I did not have at the moment so this will do.

 I know a lot of people complain about the sore taste of tomato paste but these two I have tested and they are just as good  ok maybe almost as good as tomatoes.Don't ask me why because I have no idea. lol!😜

So what I do is I put my peppers,onions and the tomato paste  in the blender and I blend.My personal reason for including the paste in the blender is to get the taste of the onions and peppers first hand into it.It may be just as good if you add it in the pot but I found myself doing this and it doesn't get anyone hurt so i'm still doing it 😃

What it looks like after blending.

Follow your normal procedure for your stew.

Stew is all done,ready and very very tasty 😋

Would you try this?Let me know!

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food". Paul Prudhomme

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  1. I love how Nigerians are inventing new recipes for stew in the midst of tomato scarcity. That stew looks delicious! I love the vibrant red colour!

    1. yes o.We were given no tomatoes and we still made stew :-)


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