Cornrows,Lashes and Dark Lips..

Thursday, May 26, 2016

How are you?hope your week has been going well? If it hasn't been as expected then don't worry we can't have it good always right? Just be expectant that the coming week will be ah-may-zing!
  Mine has been nothing short of a miracle considering my challenges this week but i'm coping like I never thought I will.*Jesus has me!

The one thing about life is staying true to what you believe come what may.Don't let anybody's opinions validate you or make you feel less of yourself.You're a KING or a QUEEN and nothing less.
With every challenge we grow a thick skin .Don't shed it,it will help you along the way when tougher situations come.I wear mine with pride!

You know what they say-the greater your storm,the brighter your rainbow. So hang in there!

Product details
Bee Lashes no 48
Lips-Island beauty black velvet

"Look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look a little harder"

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