My Birth Experience-Eclampsia,Ageing Placenta..

Sunday, April 17, 2016

   It's been exactly 4 weeks and 2 days since Ella came into this world and i'm still in awe.Being that she's my second baby it still amazes me and i honestly felt or feel like it's my first time.I already said I was going to narrate what my birth experience was like and I wanted to do a video but in all honesty I'm still working on a schedule -yes i know 4 weeks after and she keeps changing her feeding and sleep time so I might just start to film and someone will expect me to pop out a boob to satisfy!So for now this would do.

 It was a thursday morning and I was on fleek as usual for my antenatal appointment.I crossed over to my neighbors house to ask her to help me pick Grace when their school bus gets there just in case i'm not home early because her children attend the same school.I jumped into the car,scratch that-I waddled into the car because at this point i was 40 weeks gone and bloody tired.I turned over on my bed like an elephant and I was pretty active when i was up but i hated sleeping because I never got a comfortable position and when i did and decided to maintain it i had to go pee *bummer*.I remember the road to the hospital felt bumpier than normal and i guess it was because I had gotten so large.We got to the hospital and my husband went to see a friend while i walked in as usual.Went in for my routine tests and then sat down to gist with some women only to be called specially with 3 other women to go see the ob/gyn for an ultrasound scan.We complained small o-nobody wanted to pay for scan they did not ask for *imagine*.When it was my turn i went in,take note that prior to all this i had been diagnosed with recurring high blood pressure and it remained high from when I was about 5 months pregnant till the end and the doctor said it happened in some pregnancies and it had something to do with the placenta.My feet were constantly swollen and I was given medication to prevent against seizures -scary right?.My doctor kept telling me from when i was about 33 weeks along that if it got bad I would have to give birth before term which for some reason did not scare me.I felt like everything was in control-God was ever present and Ella cozied up inside till we were begging her to come out.I was told i'm a late mum-my babies never come out till i'm induced.I don't know what they keep doing in there.Grace stayed till 2 days to 42 weeks before i was induced.Anytime I went for my hospital appointment the doctor will say see you in labour or see you on thursday.I had read about pineapples bringing on labour and my mum would always come to my house with a pineapple,lol! i chop the thing tire,no show.Of course i always landed on thursday for antenatal till that last thursday.

  I went in and the ob-gyn did an ultrasound and I was so attentive.I heard her say something to another doctor about my baby's heartbeat dropping lower than normal and that the placenta was calcified which means it wasn't functioning just as well and will only be able to supply her with not as much oxygen as it used to.I immediately made sure when she was done i will ask her sharp sharp to explain in layman's terms.She did a thorough check,i hadn't stayed that long for an ultrasound before.When she was done she said i was overdue even though my calculation said i was 40 weeks.She said my baby was experiencing bradychardia which is slow heart rate.I was shaken a bit but i was still trusting God to take control.She said i will be admitted and she will check to see if my cervix was ripened or so.I called my husband to go home and bring my bag and baby's bag which my mum had told me to put in the car the day before but for some stupid reason I refused.I had to call my mum to meet up with Grace's school bus and take her to her house as the ghen-ghen was about to begin.I started becoming a little anxious,i couldn't remember how labour with Grace was,it was almost 5 years ago so i was quite rusty.I was called into the ob-gyn's office and I took off my jeans and underwear,laid down and spread the legs with a man-a male doctor siting across from me reading a newspaper,wetin consine me,at that point no time for cover!I can't explain the pain but i felt like her whole fist went up inside of me and got to my ribs *chai,the pain was excruciating.I was so glad when it was over she said she will have to watch me to know if i will have a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section which honestly I did not want based on personal preference.I went into the maternity ward at about 2pm and few minutes later a nurse came in with a drip bag of oxytocin to induce me.An hour later i started having mild contractions.I knew it was impossible but i said God can this contractions be this mild till i pop this baby out.The nurses came in regularly to check baby's heart rate and they said it kept dropping and my blood pressure kept rising.The drip bag emptied around 6pm if I remember and I was asked not to eat anything just in case I was having surgery.At that point I wanted to eat the world because I only had 3 buns and a bottle of fanta when I got to the hospital.I was told they did not continue with induction at night so i kept feeling the contractions which were stronger by the way all through the night till about 5 am when another bag was put in.

  I remember listening to Nathaniel Bassey all through the night whenever my eyes were open and I told God to let it be as He will want it to be.All i wanted was to see my baby healthy and alive.The next bag of oxytocin brought the crazy out.I already called my husband in the morning so he was there with me while i felt the contractions and he was later asked to come fill a consent form for a Cesarean Section  which he did and then he made payment.By 10 am the contractions had become intense and were about 4-5minutes apart and i was so tired and weak i felt like i'd been hit by a truck.I was sleeping through the contractions and waking up whenever I felt them.Nurses kept popping in and telling me they will soon begin to prep the theatre for me because of my blood pressure and baby's heart rate.After a while i was asked to move to another room so they could check how dilated my cervix was which they had done about 2 times before now and I almost broke one of the doctor's arm out of pain.I was about 7cm at this time and I just thought oh! 3cm to go and they are talking about CS.When it was about 11:45am or so they passed a catheter in to remove fluid.My water hadn't broken so the midwife in charge did some poking around-i know i saw her hold one mighty looking scissors and i felt the warm fluid pass through the catheter.I wasn't sure if it was pee or amniotic fluid but it went on for long so I figured it was the later.They kept dipping their hands and saying baby hasn't crowned blah blah blah!I was asked to come down and walk around and squat so that baby's head puts pressure on my cervix which i tried to do to the best of my ability because how do you do that in that much pain?I rested on my husband for a bit and almost collapsed and pulled him down with me when a contraction came.Next thing i told them i felt like pushing and they asked me to lie back down and then i was asked to push.Are you not wondering why I wasn't in the theatre like they said? Well everything changed just like that and before i knew it i was pushing and i heard my husband who stood behind me say "hard poo".lol! I just remembered how he wanted to escape when things were getting intense and I held his hand and said 'Oga you're not going anyway o,na me and you today!'-he missed Grace's delivery so i had made up my mind that by fire by force he must be present for this one.Let them know we don't sip champagne while popping the babies out,we go through hell! I tried to push as hard as i could and the matron said i was just making noise from deep down my throat and that it had no effect.I was scared because to me I was doing the most.At that point they started saying 'don't let this baby stay too long,don't let her get tired,you're taking too much time,it must end in praise etc'.I became scared and i started to doubt my strength at that point because i was already too too weak to even move my legs.I just thought oh God how about if i don't go home with my baby.God forbids it!At some point i gave it my all,i just said if it's to burst let me burst and i felt that slippery feeling of her coming out and the nurses words that screamed relief.She was born at 12:30pm with a full head of hair.I was dazed and happy and tired and surprised and amazed at what just happened which is what you feel no matter how many times you have a baby.

4 weeks and a day

 They put her on my chest for a little while and then took her away.I looked at my husband  and said 'darling i don't think i can do this again o!' but isn't that what we always say?lol.They weighed her and i watched them clean her up.I did not get an episiotomy/tear but i felt like i did because i felt so sore.I was discharged two days after because they needed to test her for jaundice and yes the hospital was owing us money at this point because they din't know I had a bigger doctor in charge.
 It's been good,teary sometimes,tiring.Breastfeeding is taking a lot from me but i did it before so we must cross the finish line this time especially since it's helpful for mummies to snap back into shape at least to an extent so if i don't do it i dey do myself.
 I'm super grateful to God for the way things went,even though the doctors said I had high blood pressure my pregnancy was easy,no hassles,i felt so good through it all and i looked on fleek you wouldn't even know i was pregnant unless you saw my bump.She's a miracle baby because i waited quite a while for her.

Her sister loves her so much she overkisses her to the point you have to pull her away.She has been waiting for a sibling for the longest time.

Thanks for sticking with me even when i dissapear. I will get into doing posts and i'm working on a time to do videos when somebody is sleeping or just occupied.:-)
Stay safe and God bless!

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  1. Awwww.... I was induced too and oh boy! It wasn't a joke o. Don't worry you would want another one in no time.... Lol

  2. We bless God for everything. Your baby's life n yours. God showed himself mighty! Congratulations!


  4. Oh, how I love reading birth stories and watching birth videos!

    Pregnancy and delivery is nothing short of a miracle. It manifests the power of God in an amazing way!

    Congrats once again darl. Welcome to baby Ella.

  5. Wow! Congrats dear and God is indeed faithful. This reminds me of my experience November last year- the end result is always worth it.

  6. Bless God. It pays to believe His report.

  7. Lol,madam vegified and crayfished poridge. 3 buns and a bottle of fanta????Cheechee kontinu. Congratulations dear....

  8. The struggle we go through I'm child birth cannot even be imagined by one who hasn't witnessed or experienced it. In the end we thank the Lord for His faithfulness. Congrats cheechee, you're a spartan.

  9. Child birth stories scares the hell out of me. Child bearing is truely not a game of sipping champagne or for children, it does take alot. God will truely in control. Mehnnn Congrats again hon.

  10. This brought tears to my eyes, I am kinda scared. Welcome to the world baby Ella, may she continue to be a blessing. God is the Doctor of Doctors. In the other news, lets do a collaborative post in your lets talk segment and this time it has to be a video with some vox pop. TOPIC- Male or Female gynecologist, which is appropriate for ladies? which do you prefer?

  11. Congratulations Ma'am... thank God for safe delivery. Welcome baby Ella.

  12. your babies are absolutely precious!!!

  13. Thank GOD...Beautiful baby.


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