Let's Talk:Limitations-it's in your mind!

Monday, April 18, 2016

  I haven't done a let's talk post in ages and i'm sorry.The thing is the last couple of months really left no room for me to be inspired.A couple of days ago i was thinking of how difficult it might be for me to get a particular thing done.I had slept on this matter for a while and it was starting to leave a lasting and lingering feeling that i just might flop at it.It felt like I was already seeing the end when it hadn't even started.Fast forward to the day I had my first go at it,it was way easier than i thought.I wanted to slap myself in the face and ask 'why do you always feel you're not as strong or as capable as you are,belittling yourself by yourself'-I smiled and made a mental note to never limit myself.There's a lot you can do if you just try.

  Failing is part of life,at least you tried and it's something you should be most proud of because i believe that no matter how much we fail,there's always always a lesson to pick up along the way.You have the choice to make something good out of your failure or just sit and cry over it.Every opportunity that comes deserves a go at it,you never know.I'm sure so many of us are guilty of this we don't even know when we do it.

Has there been a time you limited yourself and then failed or otherwise?

''The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do''-Steve Jobs

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