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Friday, April 22, 2016

 I'm going to take you through how i made this yummy finger licking pot of deliciousness. So the first time I had groundnut soup was at my parents-in-law's,my mother in law cooks it a lot.I loved it and I felt it was difficult to cook because I thought using groundnut to cook a soup must take some sort of special preparation.I never asked how or even tried to know till this year when I gave birth I just wanted to eat groundnut soup and I asked my mother in law how to make it.She explained briefly and I was surprised at how easy it sounded I gave it a try hoping even if I flop it will be just a little.It was too yummy my father in law called to tell me he loved it.
 So let me show you how if you're tired of your regular soups especially!It's almost like cooking egusi soup that is if you fry yours.

Red Skin Groundnut (1 and a half derica)
Knorr seasoning
Palm oil
Iru(fermented locust bean)
Ground scent pepper
Uziza and Ugwu(Spinach)

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This is what the groundnut looked like before it was blended.I had to get this image off google because I did not get a picture before I blended it.

Here the groundnut is blended very fine..




My meat was cooked soft already so I took it off the fire and poured it out somewhere so I could use the pot.

I left the pot on the fire to dry and then I poured in palm oil and let it heat up till it was a bit transparent.

Next thing was to pour in my sliced onions and then let it fry properly but not get burnt.

Then I poured in the blended groundnut and just kept stiring constantly so it did not get burnt.
  Next you add all your other ingredients-dryfish,crayfish,seasoning,pepper,salt and iru.

Then you pour in your meat with the stock.It may be a little too thick depending on the quantity of groundnut you use.

You can add some water till you get the thickness you want.

Once it boils for about 5 minutes you put in your uziza and ugwu and turn off the burner.
Soup is ready to be devoured..

Very easy right?
 I had mine with fufu.
Hope you'll try this if you haven't had it before.It's too delicious!

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  1. I love groundnut soup although we prepare it differently. We use the groundnut paste which is made from roasted groudnuts.
    1. Mix the groundnut paste with some water until it gets milky.
    2. bring to a boil and stire until oil forms on the top and take it off
    3. whiles steaming your meat add your pepper, tomatoes and onion
    4. once your pepper, tomatoes and onion are boiled take them out and blend them smooth.
    5. Pour the blended mix back to the meat and add some water.
    6. then add the fried paste to the mixture.
    the soup is ready when the oil forms on top. the thickness is personal preference tho
    we usually have it with fufu or with rice balls or banku. So delish!

    1. oh really!This method sounds more complicated though.

    2. oh really!This method sounds more complicated though.


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