Colourpop Cosmetics Limbo Review

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm going to give you a review of the colourpop cosmetics ultra matte lipstain in Limbo *the name is too long*lol! So if you follow a lot of makeup artists,youtubers,bloggers etc on social media you would have seen at least one post where colourpop was used.Their eyeshadows caused a massive rave on the internet and then i came across their matte products.Im not one to do buy buy or to buy in all colours especially if i have similar shades.I'm a bargain buyer and i like to spend wisely biko!
I looked through all the shades and all though 3 caught my eyes I wasn't ready to purchase just yet.

When i was ready two were not available so I got the shade limbo.
When this arrived I was so eager to try it but since I just had my baby I did not have the time to swatch or wear it so I waited till recently when i wore it out.I like how it feels on my lips.
It doesn't tug at my lips like some matte lipstains do.It's also light and feels very comfortable as oppposed to some that feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your lips.The one thing I noticed was it doesn't last long at all.Once you start eating you feel it coming off and i don't like that one bit.I don't want to always have to retouch my lips when i eat especially since I like food,i'll probably be eating constantly and retouching constantly as well, lol!

 It goes on very smoothly and easy and you can correct or refill any spots you miss without it coming out blotchy which is a plus for me because I hate uneven matte lips.

 The packaging is pretty decent.I like the silver cover and it looks really nice for the price.It is also very brown girl friendly and I use a dark brown lip liner to line my lips first so that I get a nice outline of my lips  and it is very 90's inspired.

 This is a swatch of it after it's dried.If you want to know how it will look on you make sure to compare with someone of your skin tone or very close.Another thing is because it's brown it will be useful as a lipliner :-) .I wore it out in these photos and this is practically my go-to look except I switch up the lips sometimes.A video will be up soon on my go-to makeup routine so stay with me.

I bought from here
You can get here and here

Have you purchased any colourpop matte lipstain?

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy"-Anne Frank

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