10 Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Myths-Nigerian Version

Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's tough trying to be really regular with posts because I might just plan today and Ella won't let us rest so it will have to be tomorrow and so it goes.Anyway,you know we are spirikokos- very spiritual in Nigeria,the myths never end.So let's discuss the few i've heard and you can then share with me in the comments the ones you have heard of.

  • Don't drink cold water when you're pregnant and after you give birth so you don't hinder after birth blood flow ..Who was told this and who believes this?How does the temperature of the water affect the baby in the womb?Will they become cold or what?lol!..i just can't biko.While your water gets down your throat it gets warm I believe and then I can't understand how cold water stops blood flow.I gave birth in a very very very hot month where electricity was an issue and fuel was scarce so  I can't imagine not savoring chilled water when i get the chance to.How can I be drinking hot/warm water on a super hot day?That's just punishment and i will never drink enough to keep me satisfied,how then does my baby get enough supply of breast milk?It can't work and it did not work.I have always drank cold water against the warnings of my mother-in-law and my mum and i'm fine!

  • Eating For two: I strongly believe this doesn't work but I played that card with my husband lol!.I know you might have cravings and maybe just eat more but it has nothing to do with your baby requiring  more than your usual quantity.More healthy meal options are a necessity but when it comes to quantity you can have your regular portion and nobody will get hurt.

  • Don't eat plantain when you're pregnant:This is the most shocking because I love plantain to a fault.You know those soft soggy overripe plantains you fry and they just soak up all the oil in the pan-unhealthy i know but I can't help it.I met this woman who just gave birth some years back when I was in the hospital for some reason and she told me they were told in an antenatal class that plantain caused the soft spot on the head of children.Is ya mouth open?See how wrong information is being passed around.I felt like slapping her because common! in 2000 and something you're this gullible? I explained to her how a baby's skull is never fully developed and completely does with time when they are born and then a doctor walked in and confirmed it.I was shocked,i still am.

  • If a baby girl  falls from your hand she won't get married:This one is common.I've heard it a lot so my question is should women who are still very single blame it on someone.lol!Please help me o!

  • Throwing a baby up especially after bathing them helps them get rid of fear.Indeed!Who go fear go fear!!

  • Bending a baby's hand so it touches his/her back will enable them scratch with ease when they are adults.'Who scratch ep'?-Is scratching a key part of life because I don't understand.

  • Don't mix or communicate with albinos/imbeciles or children that are impaired one way or another or somehow the baby in your womb can turn out like that.Abracadabra,baby switch!!Someone told me this during my pregnancy because there was a little girl who in a way looked odd but she's completely normal and she likes Grace a lot so she liked to play with Grace and someone told me to stop letting her come play with her because my baby could look like her.Really??

  • Bath babies with palm oil in the early days after their birth so they won't have body odour when they become adults. lol!I can imagine a baby looking orangeish head to toe since soap don finish.

  • Carrying a baby on your back when they are little helps so they'll conceive easily since their legs are spread open on your back and then it can also give them bow legs.So now which do we believe since carrying them on the back has it's advantage and disadvantage. hehe!!

  • Putting a safety pin or just a pin on your dress when you're going out protects your baby from 'evil' people.Someone told me this when I was pregnant of Grace.I wonder how they came up with that.
So which of these do you believe and do you know of anymore?Please share with us!Let's laugh ;-)

“She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” —Proverbs 31:27–30

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  1. lol "who scratch ep" o. All these are actually funny. Then there's the one of putting a strand of rope on the baby's head when they have hiccups to stop it. I won't lie i do that one to my niece whenever her hiccups extends x_x.

    It's Munastic

    1. Yes i just remembered that!lol..i don't think it works.


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