Quickie Breakfast for the weekend:Liver & Kidney sauce

Saturday, January 23, 2016

   I figured it was time to introduce a new segment to the blog and I remembered some time ago a blog reader left me a message saying I should do posts on quick breakfast ideas for people who work or so.Hi girl!!I'm sorry it took this long.I'm actually a little lazy in the kitchen but i'm going to do posts on the weekend showing you guys easy breakfast ideas.I can only do this on the weekends because during the week i'm up at 6am getting Grace ready for school so there's no time to do much.
 Now to the meal of the week.I made liver and kidney sauce today and it was ah-may-zing!I've been wanting to but this morning I remembered I had liver and kidney I had picked out from the meat we bought during the week in my freezer.The only thing was I couldn't get green pepper around but I still went on with it.

Let me show you how I prepared it!

Tatashe (Red bell pepper)
Atarodo (scotch bonnet pepper)
Knorr cubes
Ground red pepper
Groundnut Oil
Ginger & Garlic spice

So I chopped and seasoned the liver and kidney with knorr cubes,some salt,ginger and garlic seasoning and pepper and then I rubbed it all round and left it so the ingredients seep in a bit.

 I blended the peppers with half a bulb of onions.

I chopped tomatoes and onions.

The first thing I did was to fry the onions till it was a bit transparent and then I poured in my tomatoes,pepper and then seasoned-knorr cubes,a pinch of salt because the liver and kidney had been salted previously.

I left it for about 5 minutes under low heat so it fried properly.

Then in went the seasoned liver and kidney which I left on the fire under medium heat for about 15-20 minutes and when it was ready I had mine with bread and tea.

It was yummy and from the look on my husband's face he loved eet even though Grace kept cringing and telling me she din't like bread sauce!

You can also serve with Yam,Potatoes,Rice,Noodles,Pasta Or you can eat alone.

Hope you enjoy this new series..

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  1. This looks so delicious Cheechee!
    This sauce is ideal for busy work days.
    I'll try the mix of liver and kidney.



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