Mauvy Tones + it was my birthday!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

 Hello lovely people!Happy new year.It's crazy how fast 2015 went.I vividly remember praying with my family on New years eve of 2015 and now it's a new year.The fun about the new year is it's always my birthday a week after.So my birthday was on the 8th and it was good,nothing like one spent with the people you love the most.It was totally a home affair and I got so many messages via Fb,IG,bbm etc. Thank you all so much.I really need to appreciate people more often because the love I get on my birthday makes me feel like I don't do so much in that area or maybe i'm just usually overwhelmed.
 There's so much to be grateful for in our lives even though there's still so much to do and achieve. I'm going to dwell on the things I have been blessed with.I believe those are the things that will push me into realizing a lot more.I don't have any "new year resolutions" per say but I have set out goals for the year and one of them is getting a DSLR for the blog and my youtube channel.I would have gotten one last year but I messed up my own plans with my own hands,yes i blame myself completely.I'm also having a new addition to my family which is of course a #1 priority and is going to be one of the highlights of my year and that kinda makes the year a little predictable because having a child is not "beans" at all.I just pray for strength to juggle that and a lot  more I have planned for the year and hopefully I'll create a wonderful balance in all areas.

So what i love about this look i did is the mauve lips.I've been eyeing the colourpop matte lipsticks and i'm not really interested in the regular shades because I probably already own shades like that in other brands but I love Kapow,limbo and LAX.
I caught that highlight!!

When I did this look I had kapow in mind so i brought out my NYX soft matte lip cream in transylvania and mixed it with my beyond beauty nude and voila it was almost looking like kapow.Quite close I must say and then I lined with a brown lipliner.For my eyes I just went very simple and lined my waterline  with a nude pencil and then smudged the bottom eyelid with a gold eyeshadow and some black at the outer parts.

Product Details
Coastal Scents revealed palette
Hard candy bronzer in heat wave
Mighty Lashes in #43

NYX soft matte lip cream in transylvania + beyond beauty nude/26
Brown lip pencil

"Be careful whom you allow speak into your life.It is dangerous to receive counsel from the wrong people"
-T.D. Jakes

Cheers to a Super Blessed 2016!!

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  1. happy belated birthday hon. your makeup is on fleek.!


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