5 things blogging has taught me!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

 I've come across a lot of posts like this from other bloggers and I never thought of doing one till now.I know that no matter how far or otherwise anyone has gone blogging or in any other area there are always a few or more lessons we pick up along the way.
 I'm going to share the few things blogging for almost 4 years has taught me.Hopefully this is useful and helpful to upcoming bloggers and even existing bloggers as well.
1.Discover your niche:You need to ask yourself what the one area you can write about,discuss,take photos of without getting bored or even without being paid is.If there's one thing that keeps you blogging it's the passion and flair for whatever it is you are posting.If you do not enjoy being in that world you're creating you will easily fall out or just force content when you feel like you must go on and trust me your readers will sense it.Create a platform for yourself where you have a reasonable amount of knowledge in and then you can grow along the way.This mostly applies to content you have to create or put out yourself.

2.Know your target audience and feed them:To be honest when I started blogging I din't know who I wanted to reach out to.I was reading a lot of foreign blogs and I din't know too many Nigerian bloggers so i will say I wasn't writing to draw the attention of Nigerians.There are things I could have said that will make people around me relate more to me but I did not.You need to be very relatable to your audience.If you're writing stuff for married people then say things they will feel connected to and will make them come back for  more.The thing is if you are going to be known it really starts from your end,if there's going to be any endorsements or people sending you stuff to review or just care packages etc,all of those little blogger benefits most times it starts from your people because they can easily reach out to you and even meet with you face to face.

3.Make research and source out the best blogging tools:Depending on what you do on your blog you want to make sure you have all the tools to bring out the best content.If you take pictures then look for the best photo editing apps where you can touch up your lighting,retouch,grid etc.If you can afford it buy the ones for sale and if you can't, look for the best free ones.If you do videos then finding out the best video editor for your type of system will be very necessary.

4.Don't write to impress:Like Taraji.P.Henson said after receiving her Golden globe award-"the world loves real".A lot of people get away from their lives and all the drama to come to places like the internet where they will find real and relatable stories.People want to see that in all that beauty,brains and persona there's a normal human being underneath.No matter how little or how much you do it.Once there's a touch of the 'behind closed doors' you people will relate and want to keep coming back.

5.Consistency:As much as I'm not one to say so it doesn't take away from the fact that I know consistency is very important.When  you post content very often your audience knows you're not backing down and even if they miss an update they will always check back to make sure they catch up on the recent post you had to offer.When you display a lack of consistency they feel you probably wouldn't have updated your blog even if you have.You'll be lucky if they come across your update and decide to pop in,otherwise they might not.

These were the first 5 most valid points I could think of.If you blog,what other points can be useful for bloggers!!Please Share.

Thanks for checking in..

''A weak neck is no help even to a great head"

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  1. Everything you mentioned is so true, i would also love to add patience, blogging requires a lot of patience, growing a blog definitely does not happen over night but it will eventually happen.

    Simply Uneeke

    1. oh yes!!!I definitely forgot that.So true.Thnks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Very useful tips, I am guilty on lack of consistency oooo. especially when you work.


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