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Sunday, December 13, 2015

  Brushes! Brushes! Some people actually find them very important and useful while others not so much.I'm going to expand as much as i can on the different brushes I think are important.I know that with how much makeup has gone viral some people are still clueless as to what brushes to use for what and how much more flawless their makeup will appear with the right brushes.I was gisting with my sister the other day and she said she knew someone that put on her eye shadow with toilet roll as  an applicator *insert surprised face* lmao!
So let's get right into the most useful brushes you should have in your makeup kit.

Foundation Brushes
I'm not talking about the old type of foundation brushes now.The best type of brush for your foundation application is the dense type brush with either a flat,angled or round top.A stippling brush is also a very good brush for foundation as well as a beauty blender.

This type of brush should be soft and dense and will give you an airbrushed finish.It can also be use for powders and blushes and can also be used to lock in foundation or concealers when you buff the product in.I always like to use my fingers to dot on the foundation on my face before i go in with my brush.This just helps warm the product up first and then helps so the brush absorbs less than it would if i went in directly with the brush first.

Powder Brushes:They are always super dense because they work all over the face and you can also use them for blush and to blend product on your face.

Blending Brushes:This is one type of brush you can never have too many of.The fact that they come with different bristle shapes(tapered,round,flat,crease etc) and they are so useful to get a well blended eyeshadow application.They are also used based on what part of the eye you want to put them on.So the smaller ones go into the smaller corners of the eye and the bigger ones work well on the opened up part of the eyes.You can also use them to contour your face so you have more functions than one.

Eyeshadow Brushes:These can be fluffy or just flat synthetic.They should be able to pack on product well and spread it out evenly without it getting all over the place.So this means to an extent they should be dense.

Lip Brushes:For those times you don't want to go into your lipstick tube directly or you want to play with more than one shade of lip colour or do an ombre lip.

Brow/Eyeliner Brushes: This can be used to clean up or highlight your brows or do your eyeliner.The angled ones are also perfect for doing a winged liner.

Blush/Bronzer Brushes:These brushes are simply for blush,or to contour with powder and can also place highlight powder on the cheek bones.You can also use them to set areas such as your highlight area with powder.

These to me are the very basic brushes that shouldn't be missing in any ones makeup kit.You can also improvise as you want.Brushes most times are very multi-purpose as long as you know how to work them.

Hopefully this is helpful as to what brushes you may need to add to your kit.

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  1. on thanks, I just got a set of brushes and I was clueless as they were many and I didn't know what to use for what.

  2. on thanks, I just got a set of brushes and I was clueless as they were many and I didn't know what to use for what.


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