Cheechee Cooks: Unripe Plantain Porridge

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Happy New Month!!December came fast..
This quick and easy to make meal is made with unripe plantains which are a good source of vitamin A,B,Potassium,Iron and other important nutrients.I'm not sure if i've done a post on unripe plantain but anyway if I have then this is another!


  • Bunch of unripe plantains
  • Palm oil
  • Crayfish
  • Knorr cubes
  • Ground tomatoes and pepper
  • Salt
  • Red pepper
  • Ugwu
  • Onions
  • Titus fish

Step by Step
First off i chop the plantain into little pieces.Then I put in a pot and put some onions and very little water and this is because i'm still going to use fish gravy.
I also have  titus fish on the fire as you can see in the photo.

I let this cook for about 15 minutes and then in goes  palmoil,salt,knorr cubes,crayfish,ground pepper and tomatoes(you may choose to skip this but for some reason i use it to give the porridge 'body"),then my fish gravy goes in.You see it's easy,no rules to the how the ingredients go in,well except for the vegetables.
Since my fish is a little soft I seasoned it with fish spice,pepper,a little garlic and ginger powder,chopped some onions and then poured a little vegetable oil and put it in the oven under medium heat.The reason why I per boiled first was because I just wanted to have the fish seasoned water to put in the porridge because I wanted that extra 'fishy' taste.
Once i'm done adding all of the ingredients next goes my ugwu(vegetable) and I take it off the fire.
I left my fish in the oven for about 20 minutes and it was so tasty.I love to do this because I can experiment with different spices.
Food is Ready and Served!!
I enjoyed it and i wasn't too happy I din't have any leftover for the next day.Everybody wiped their plates!

Let me know if there's a different way you cook yours.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. really nice. my aunt mixes it with a bit of ripe plantains for some sweetness- she says her kids would not go near the meal if it doesnt have some ripe plantains in it!

    1. That's a nice one.For me Grace has no choice :-).lol!

  2. This food is totally meant for wiping the plate down. Lol
    I can only imagine the taste of Titus fish in it. Oh my!


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