Beyond Beauty Lipstains :Swatches & Review

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hi beautiful people,this post should have been up almost a week ago but need to explain :-).So i tried this brand of lip products months ago and i bought 2 of them and when i posted a photo with a look i did on IG which btw you should follow me if you'd like to @cheecheelive - a lot of people loved it and i had to refer them to where I got mine,i started seeing other posts from people about the lipstains and i looked for more of them and got 3 more.

They are very affordable seeing that there are so many brands that sell for almost 10 times the price of this and you can get pretty close dupes to many popular shades.
So i will tell you in my own opinion how each shade worked for me.As with all lipsticks even of the same brand,shades may differ.

                                                                No 10-Neon Purple
 This shade is very bright and is definitely for bold lipstick wearers!It is very pigmented and goes on very easy.Even with first application it doesn't come out transparent(so you don't see your lips through it) and you can be done with one layer.

                                                                No 1-Hot Pink
This shade is a super bright pink and it comes in a nicer looking bottle-finer than the rest for me.It's not runny at all.The product inside looks patchy but still applies nicely and i noticed i have enough time to correct any mistakes on my lips and to blend properly before it completely dries.

No 42-Burgundy/Maroon

This was the first shade i got and i fell in love with it.I loved how it went on even with one swipe.Only thing is if you get carried away with how good it looks and you try to layer it on some more it will come out patchy on some sides and just ruin the whole look.A single layer is just enough for me.I wore it in this post HERE

No 11-Dark Purple
This is a vampy type of shade.It applies a lot like 01 leaving you a bit of time to correct and all that and it isn't obvious when you don't get a smooth application.

No 26-Nude
This to me is a true nude shade with a little peach undertone.I love how the applicator was made.It definitely feels different from the rest and the bottle is different as this is a plastic unlike the others which are glass.It also gives a very smooth application but you need to be careful with quantity because it is so pigmented it could end up looking a mess.Don't go without a liner too.

Overall,i love the products for the price especially since application isn't that bad and they hardly come out patchy if you manage them well.They do feel like cement on the lips as with most matte lipsticks but you can always go over with a lip balm or gloss.

They sell for between N500-N900
You can get them here,here and here

Thanks for checking in!!
Stay beautiful..

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