Review & Swatches:Bh cosmetics Missy Lynn palette

Sunday, August 30, 2015

 Hi my people,it's been a while I posted and  I struggled to get on my computer today but this has been long overdue.I'm slowing getting into things and very soon i'll have a lot of back to back posts so please stick with me.
I bought this palette about 3-4 weeks ago and i posted it on instagram which is why you should follow me there @cheecheelive so you'll see some things first before they get here.
 So if you are familiar with the Youtube makeup world you would know Missy Lynn aka Start2FinishMUA and if you don't know her then you should checkout her channel.She's a famous beauty guru and military woman and she worked with Bh cosmetics to create this limited edition palette which also has very beautiful highlighters in it.

I love the packaging.It feels so much like the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette which i reviewed HERE .It's very sturdy and definitely looks like it will last a while before it starts wearing.The packaging is like a thick cardboard material as opposed to the regular plastic eyeshadows come in.

 It has 6 eyeshadows that consist of 2 shimmery and 4 mattes and for me even the mattes have a tad bit of shimmer going on which i'm not a fan of.When i saw it before i got it i was excited about the orange(first colour,second row) because i just thought transition colour but after i got it not so much.It will show up well on lighter skin tones but on darker skin tones it will be blehh except you want a barely there look!!.The brown also (3rd colour,first row) is just too light for me and has a little bit of shimmer,lighter skin tones will wear it well but darker ones you'll have to really work it or maybe mix with a dark brown and of what use it is then?The off white type shade(1st shade,first row) is good for that extra highlight pop and inner tear duct and then it's a good lid colour ,same as the shade after it.My favorites are the 'purpley' shades as they show up really good and don't require too much work  to do so.
 Then for the highlighters,there's a gold and a rose-gold.Those are the real deal for me.I can almost say i got this palette for the highlights.They go on so well and they pop!.The fact that they are baked means you can use a wet product like water or a setting spray to apply and you get that extra shine.You can also use them as eyeshadows,you can mix them or use them individually depending on what works for you.
As much as it was said that this palette will work for all skin tones,in my opinion it will work for white women down to light skinned black people.
SWATCHES (first 2 shades are the highlighter shades)

I'm wearing a mix of both highlighters in this photo.You can see the glow..

Rating: 6/10
Price:N4,500 - N5,500 depending on where you buy from.
Where to get: Call 0703926341 or get here

Stay safe and i'll see you in my next post which will be soon hopefully.

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  1. yasss!! i definitely see the glow.Nice review

  2. Lol! The highlighters are definitely the star items in this palette! They should have made them bigger and reduced the size of the eyeshadows... Lol



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