Review:NYX soft matte lip cream in Transylvania

Sunday, July 19, 2015

 Hello Boos! I see i have some gentlemen here once in a while *smiles*.I have been on a makeup purchase ban for a while.Why you ask? I gat a lot of other things to do with money and many buys are just on impulse not like i'm in dire need of that product,so i disciplined myself for a while.I even dodged the makeup fair which i wanted to go for for the first time but maybe next year-it will be a good reason to spoil myself silly.
 So one morning,you know how you look at food you can't taste? I was going through online stores,i do that especially when i have a wishlist and i just compare prices, and study what sites have most of what I need so that when i'm ready to buy I don't need to search and i saw one site had this NYX soft matte gloss.Now i have always wanted to buy this along with the shade Copenhagen-i love dark,vampy lippies and it was always out of stock.I even heard sometimes NYX runs out of it until after some time before they release another batch.Of  course i forgot my ban and placed an order for it.It got to me same day which was "gewd" and then i swatched because i was excited to try it out.
 Let's do Pro's & Con's.

  • It smells lovely- very  yummy scent
  • It is an actual soft matte lip cream-feels very gentle on the lips,no tugging at all and super easy to take off.
  • I love the shade-very grown woman 'ish'
  • Very small bottle and fits well into small spaces

  • It applies S-T-R-E-A-K-Y
  • It is not pigmented-you will need almost 6 coats to get  reasonable looking application
  • The product inside is so small in fact I feel mine is finished after one use.
  • It dries very slowly and it's best to build up the colour on a dry base so you have to wait till it's completely dry before putting on another coat.

I tried so hard to make my lip swatch as smooth as possible and honestly it was a lot of work and I don't think anybody should go through this much work to wear a lip product.

Rating; 4/10
Will i repurchase? HELL NO!
Where I bought from:

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  1. ha! i wish i had seen this review earlier, i happen to buy a couple of these soft matte lip creams and they mostly apply streaky and are not as pigmented im beginning to doubt all these makeup gurus, taking pics like its so good!

    1. my sister,the thing is so annoying ehn!i just threw #2500 away..

  2. i have this lippie, but in pink, its so pretty and nice, i love it. This colour also looks nice, am all for dark colours now adays.

    Simply Uneeke

  3. Its not really pigmented dou, i use it on days i dont feel like wearing lippies, but still want some colour.


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