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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I've been under the weather this week,anxious,moody,overall not good.I've just had this posts sitting for a while.This is another thing i'll be doing on the blog just for the fun of it and if you don't follow me on Instagram @cheecheelive or you aren't on my bbm then you probably haven't seen this photos.

1.This was taken at the Ikoyi registry for a wedding where i was the makeup artist the previous day for the traditional and on this day for the court and white which followed after.I had my makeup done in the car because i was up as early as 4am to work on the bride since the registry was a long way from where we stayed.So car makeup on 'fleek'.Can you see my baby's  adult's head in the background? She hired herself as the flower girl.lol

2.So i had this(rice and seafood sauce with some pepper sauce on the side) so many months ago when i took my daughter to play in Big Treat and we went downstairs to eat.I'm not one to try new meals.I stick to what i know and what i'm familiar with which is always rice,salad and chicken  *covers face* . My husband ordered it and i tasted it and it was so good i felt bad for not taking it.Fast-forward to like a month later i went back and placed an order for it.Annoyingly instead of it having more of prawn and other meaty tasting things like it did it had so much  fish which i hate and i was so dissapointed. I'm not looking forward to eating it again.I have now gone back to my "eat what i know" mode.

3. Incase you din't know i sell makeup brushes and this set is one of my gorgeous finds.It's a MAC brush dupe set and they are so good.Soft,dense and they don't shed.A bit pricey but because you hardly ever get enough blending brushes in brush sets why not.The thing is the whole set is like the price of a single MAC brush so you see WINNING!! You can send me a mail if you want this or any other brush set -cheecheelive@yahoo.com

4.I was featured on styleafrica's instagram page and their website as well alongside these gorgeous women .You can check them out-www.styleafrica.com.They talked about brown lips which is trending right now.

Do u like posts like this?Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend,

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  1. Brown lips are trending huh? I wonder which rock I have been hiding under..... Off to the shops to get mine...


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