Makeup:Purple Haze

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 Hello hunnies!!Hope the week has been kind to you?..Mine has been full of computer ish and i'll let you guys know in time.I have literally become a geek *in my mind*
 Anyway,this is one of those looks i did and did not want to post first of all because i lost the video footage of the tutorial and then because i wasn't feeling it that much after a while -it happens i tell you.It also became very dark at some point when i was filming so many horrible things happened at once..

Let me just share  because i ended up loving some of the pictures..

You like?

I used the bh cosmetics 120 palette -2nd edition and the 26 eyeshadow and blush neutral palette as well and im wearing a brown lipliner and a nude jackelin lipstick i've had for ages..
My highlight is the milani baked bronzer in glow.
Blush is from La Pride.
Eyelashes are the gorgeous bee lashes in #747l

Stay beautiful..

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