Makeup: Bronzy Eyes + Red Lips

Friday, July 24, 2015

  Hi beautiful people,so here I am trying to get this post up at 11:30 pm.My daughter is slightly snoring beside me and my eyes are almost closing but i have a lot to do tomorrow so I had to put this up so it doesn't wait any longer.I did this look a long time ago-maybe 2-3 weeks ago and i got my editing messed up so i had to delete the video.

 This look is a classy one and let's face it back in the day when we did horrible makeup or me at least,my beat face was gold type eyes(no blending whatsoever) and red lips *lol* you remember don't you?Well,here's a grown and more beautiful version of it.

 I look bold & fearless right?I am to an extent *side eye* .Something red lipstick does..

  Let's talk about my hair.If you've noticed i'm a braid girl and this is the longest i've carried my hair.I've had this hair on for a little over 8 weeks and no it's not what you think-it's not smelly.I have washed and conditioned it twice and when i'm home it's always in a satin bonnet.The body is so neat but of course the undergrowth from my hair won't let the hair look that great.Worse still is I am so lazy to loosen it,be it myself or in a saloon.I just have to do something quick before i loose all my hair.I also noticed I inspired a lot of people on my phone contacts to make this hairstyle.They din't tell me but how is it a coincidence that about 5 people on my contact list have this exact same hairstyle on and some even do the side sweep thing i do.*I know i din't invent it though* lol! but you get it don't you?hehe..

For this look i used my trusted BH cosmetics neutral palette and the SLEEK bad girl palette for the smokey effect and on my lips i'm wearing the LA girl matte gloss in Secret which i did a review of here.
I have a lot of reviews and looks coming up so stay close.

Till my next post stay safe and happy!!

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  1. beautiful look!! in love with ur lip color :)

  2. Replies
    1. thnks ugo,i messed up the video..thnks again

  3. You look absolutely stunning!
    Love this look. I guess it cos this is my go-to look.
    Awaiting a Video on this (fingers crossed)

    1. thnk u darling.messed up the video on this one..


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