Let's Talk:Why the hush tones?

Friday, July 10, 2015

 Hello boos!I know what someone is thinking or maybe saying out loud."This your let's talk doesn't have pattern or direction" but let's not dwell on that but instead let's be thankful #hehe that i was able to steady my self on the computer to type.Pardon me.It will come but not on set out days.

   I was thinking a while ago -and this was because i witnessed someone go through something and speak up about it and i know how hard it was for her but so many of us in this part of the world are so "hush hush" about a lot of things.Sometimes these are things that if we speak up about they will probably help someone. Infact there is a great chance of reaching out to people when we share our experiences and all.
   Based on my own opinion i think it has to do with a lot of our people being very judgmental and so many people do not have thick enough skins to withstand judgement from others.In some places in Nigeria wearing a pair of shorts out is enough to get you the title of a wayward girl or far worse.People see you with people of the opposite sex and you all of a sudden become a "woman wrapper" or a girl who sleeps around and yes..some people still think like that even people you expect to be learned or exposed.

   Is it a cultural thing? because i know Nigerians are all about "mind your business" and butter your own bread.No "chook" nose in another person's matter and no carry your own come outside-in order words die in silence!.I know a part of it is about us trying to maintain "good reputations" since we feel certain things may put a tinge on our images but isn't the greater good to be considered?-not here,they will say they didn't send you!!
  Does sharing experiences take away anything from us especially if it was something we had no control over or a mistake that was made out of ignorance or something we experienced in the hands of another person.Please don't get me wrong i am not taking away the meaning of the word PRIVACY.This has nothing to do with washing our dirty linen in public but cases where we did not purposely get the linen dirty if you get me.
I remember a part in T.D Jakes the lady,her lover and her lord where he said your pain should be able to help someone.
I will honestly like a situation where we are able to speak without limitations or fear of being judged.
 It is only then we can empower each other,it is only then we can actually lend our shoulders to the next person,it is only then that people's experiences can prepare us for what might be and it is only then that we will say as a people that we truly support each other.

Just something..

“What woman would not appreciate a God who becomes her attorney, assumes her case, requires no fee, and wins her the victory?” 
― T.D. JakesThe Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord


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