REVIEW:LA Girl flat pigment matte gloss (Secret&Rebel)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hi ya,I've been away i know.Life just gets to you sometimes.Business,hormones,wife and mummy life are a lot to deal with all at once but anyway let's get to the happy stuff.
Liquid matte lipsticks are so in now and i've never been in a rush to get them.There are all the ones by ABH,La splash,dose of colours and all those brands but as much as i love my makeup,i'm not a brand whore so I buy because there's something spectacular about that item or if i don't own something like it then i'll buy it.
When i started seeing posts of the LA matte glosses i just knew i would look for them online because of course they are an affordable brand so i waited till i spotted them on a Nigerian online store and i had read reviews and seen lots of swatches so i had in mind the 2 shades i din't have something similar to and that would work with my skin tone perfectly and that's how i got the 2 shades i'm about to review.

They come in 16 shades so there are a lot of shades to work for different skin tones.I got them in 2 shades -secret and rebel which i absolutely love and they are very different from any other lipstick shade i own so...WINNING!!
Truth about these products is if you do not like to constantly feel tightness or tugging on your lips then stay away from them.They are quite drying and sticky too but i noticed that these 2 shades apply differently.Secret is more pigmented at the first swatch as you can see in the photo and rebel is quite light you have to really build up the colour before you get a decent amount on your lips.
They also look very different when they are wet,if you are not patient you might start hating them already or wondering why they look different from what you saw elsewhere.Secret looks a little bit like ruby woo once it has dried even though it doesn't look close before drying to a matte finish.
They come in a wide bottle  wider than other matte lip products i've come across.
When i wore rebel out,it was on from about 10am and it started fading at about 4pm and it became very dry and flaky so i wiped it off.I don't think it would have felt good to reapply so i'll advise cleaning off completely  if you can and then reapplying.
 Don't they look different after they have dried matte?
It's advisable to use a lipliner before or after applying but if you have to do this after then make sure to work with a soft lip liner cos the hard ones will come out patchy especially if the lip product  has dried already.
Once i fall in love with another shade.
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. I just got one yesterday. I got a dark colour - black currant I'm excited to try it and see how it compares to the NYX one. Secret is a very pretty red!

    1. i like black currant just not in that dark lip place now.

  2. Awww, I really do love this liquid lipstick. I did a review of them 2 weeks ago. I have the same shades you have and a third one called backstage :)
    I just discovered your blog last night, had no idea you were a wife and mummy. Kudos on balancing out the different aspects of your life :)

    1. thank you babe!! i had a hard time choosing btw backstage and secret.I might just go back for

  3. If u are in Abuja contact me, all shades are available 08034314167


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