Let's Talk: Feeling guilty for your blessings

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello people! Did you think i wasn't going to do this? Naa! wasn't going to miss not doing it 2 weeks in a row.So,i'm in my favourite spot in my room,by my makeup table and i flashed back to a few months ago when i learnt my husband's friends wife was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and when he told me,even though i had never met her or her husband i felt so weak and helpless.I wished there was something i could do.I asked him what questions he asked,how far they had gone to get help.I was just...weak.I went on to research hospitals and organizations that could help them here in Nigeria.I hear she's so into herself and doesn't want to tell her family.I can never imagine what they are going through.
Some other things just pop up in my head and i don't know if its right to start at that moment to compare what you have with that thing the other person is struggling with.I think it happens unconsciously and when i realize it i just shut it out and instead say a little prayer that things go well for them.
I have been at low points in my life when i have felt hopeless and maybe ungrateful for the things I already had and I didn't realize that the sooner you snap out of it and be appreciative and recognize the things you are blessed with everything becomes a tad bit easier.I don't beat myself up about it because i'm perfectly human and i'm allowed to make those types of mistakes as long as i later pull myself out.
I was in a bus the other day when a mallam that polishes shoes passed and begged saying he hadn't eaten that day.I know they don't do that especially not when they are carrying around their means of livelihood.It must have been tough for him to say that.
We have the moral responsibility to be happy but sometimes I feel so blessed I fear something could go wrong.
It's in the little things-just being in a comfortable home,eating a good meal,buying something nice for yourself,being able to afford things that may seem so so irrelevant to someone else like watching YouTube  etc.
So i'm thinking if you're guilty for your blessings does it mean you aren't doing enough?
Is it because you are in a situation where you are supposed to be giving back as much as you are given?
If you read this please let me know if you have gone through the same and do you do anything to make yourself feel better?
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