Giveaway Winner!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hellurr! how are ya'll doing? I'm sorry this post should have been up sooner,it's just been a crazy busy week for me coupled with this fuel scarcity thing which just makes life miserable.I don't know what this government expects us to do.If it's about frustrating us they have definitely won but we will definitely be up till the end.
So,yes for the giveaway i told u guys i was going to use a random generator which i did and you will see a screenshot of the name it picked.

Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks for never leaving comments on my other posts but doing so on a giveaway post.I decided i will do another giveaway soon and this will only benefit people that have really been following my blog for  a while.I like this type of giveaway!
Darling winner i will send you a mail with pickup deets and hopefully you reply asap so i know you got it.
Cheers to many more beautiful posts!!
Thanks for checking in.

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