Review: Hegai & Esther Brow Definer IN Nubia

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

 Halo!!its time to delve into another product i've been loving recently.So this is among the things i got not too long ago.I am considering doing a mini haul video on my youtube channel here but my dogs won't let me film in peace and quiet.I'm working on something though so be expectant.Let's get into this beauty.First off there was and still is a major instagram rave about this.Almost all the Nigerian makeup artists i follow on instagram use this on their clients.

 You want to know why?ok from my own observation everybody wants brows that stay in place the whole day ,i mean even if your lipstick goes off you still want those brows to stick with you till the end of time the day especially for the beautiful sisters without brow hairs and makeup artists want brows for their clients that gele won't clean off and that will sit beautifully till the occasion is done.

-it comes in a 5g cute little glass container with a glossy cover that has the company logo and name on it.
-the shade nubia is a very natural brown quite similar to the davis 018 pencil but in a gel form.
-it dries quickly so you have to work fast and avoid mistakes as much as possible or rely on your concealer /foundation to clean up any mess.The good thing is that it dries matte and doesn't shift.
-it's very affordable compared to the Anastasia beverly hills brow pomade
-it doesn't smudge
-it can be difficult to come off if you don't use a makeup remover or something with some oil in it.
 For me,i don't use alone because im still trying to get a hang of filling my brows in with this type of product as ive used pencils and brow powders a few times,so i outline with my pencil and then fill with the brow definer so it still keeps my brows in place for just as long.
 I  use a very thin angled brush as the brush that comes with it doesn't cut it for me.I sometimes use this brush to fill after i've done an outline but i never use it for my outline because i want a very precise and sharp outline that i feel an angled brush can give.

 It comes in another shade called ebony and i got mine from Scentcity Palace.You can also grab it from their website Hegai&Esther

Price :N2000-N2200 
Will i repurchase?Definitely,it does no wrong.
Have you tried this?What's your take on it?
                                                  Thanks for checking in.
                                                Till my next post stay safe!

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  1. i have also seen this product being raved about! I'm tempted to let my friend get one to bring to me in Ghana. You know the Anastasia dipbrow pomade isnt that smudge or waterproof. I hope this is worth the hype cuz i sure need it! Lol! Thanks for the review!

    1. really the abh dipbrow isnt all that?lol thnk God i swerved sure you'll like it.

  2. Its totally worth it,it ought to be more expensive cos dts what Nigerians like, lol.then we begin to feel its rly good.i've been using since December n I've not used pencils in a long while.very good product n doesn't crease.Sisi Eko


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